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I went to the Aspen Dental on [protected] to attempt to have a tooth pull because I was in pain. Upon examination I agreed to an extensive dental plan totally $7,939.40 with my payment plan through Care Credit. I returned on 6-23-23 whereby I a molding of teeth done. On Monday 6-23-23 I received a call that the office forgot to do the cleaning and I needed to come back Tuesday 6-23-23 or Wednesday 6-24-23 morning. I asked is this part of the treatment plan and was told that yes. I attempted to call back to set up the appointment for the missed treatment and no answer at [protected] so I left a message on Monday 6-23-23. I didn't receive a call back. I was scheduled Friday 6-30-23 to have 7 teeth removed at 930am in the office. I inquired as to how can parts of the plan be missed and the receptionist said she would just schedule it at a later date. Then asked if the plan is to follow a schedule or can you just skip around and do whatever. My Mom and I asked for a manager or supervisor to discuss the issues and try to receive some clarification and the reception stated she would get someone but no one came. It is now1130am and my Mom was called in the exam room and informed my blood pressure was high and the doctor was going to call in a prescription for valium at the Walgreen down the street from the dental office and I needed to take one immediately. We arrived back at the dental office at 1235pm and someone came to the door and stated that they are now closed. We inquired as to why we were sent to pharmacy and I have taken the valium and now cant be seen. I inquired if the dentist was still there and she stated the dentist was and that was who informed her to come to the door and tell us that they are closed now. When asked what should Maurice do since he has taken the valium, she stated she didn't know and that someone would call next week to reschedule. When asked if we could talk to the dentist she repeated that the dentist was the one that sent her out there. When asked if she could ask the dentist about what to do since he has taken the valium she stated no. So I have tried to have a tooth pulled for two weeks and have been met with some really unprofessional people.

My plan is to cancel this payment plan I signed and to just pay for the things your company has done. Please contact me via email at [protected] once you have investigated the situation. My cell number is [protected].

I am planning to just go to the emergency room or try my best to find someone that can assist me in this matter today as far as the tooth pain.

Thank you in advance

Maurice Wilson

P.S. Ask about the man with the wet dog being allowed to run around loose in the waiting room area and in the exam room (yes it was a raining day). Dog carried sometime in one hand and a jar of honey in the other.