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I closed my house on 30th November 2016. I am still struggling with my first-year warrantee.
When we first moved in within couple of days, we saw cracked tiles. Water stayed on right side of the house. Tiles were repaired but within 6 months we noticed so many more tiles cracked, grout came off from the tiles. Warrantee specialist told us there will be 64 tiles need to be replaced. It took Ashton woods several months to search tiles. Finally, the guys came and only repaired 8 tiles because he told us he had limited scope of work. We were warned by the tiler that the rest of the tiles will also crack. He informed us he had to replace the entire family rooms in other houses on the same street. The problem is slop in the yard towards the houses, water stays against the house. I was recommended by warrantee service specialist from Ashton wood to extend the patio which cost me $12000.00.
It took Ashton woods from 6 to 8 months simply to repair the doorbell to mini blinds which did not open or close. Steps in garage going inside and the place where water heater is situated, they did not want to finish it. Even in the past I had to report to Texas state builders Association and better business bureau to get minor repairs done. They were never able to repair Mirror in bathroom which is my upgrade.
Recently I met outside my house foundation repair company and learned 2 houses next to me need foundation repair. I also called foundation repair company for the second time. I had noticed lots of cracks in walls. I fixed some cracks Ashton wood repaired some. I was told by foundation company my house tilted downward 1 1 /4 from living room to entrance door and in upward 1 3/8 in master bedroom. If Ashton wood had repaired the yard on right side where water stays my house would not have gone through foundation issue.
I again requested Hunter Davie to complete the repair needed in the house which are:
1. Cracked tiles in living room.
2. Crack in ceiling,
3. Grout in master bathroom which they repaired at the same place once before.
4. Crack in outside wall where water stays.
5. Solve water issue in the yard.
My request was denied because he said it is too late one year has passed. These issues should have been taken care of within first year to begin with. My warrantee requests are very well documented with pictures you never followed one-year rule in my case. I was so frustrated I started searching for other home owners with similar issues so we can hire a lawyer. It is not economical to hire the lawyer on my own. I learned during my search there are many other houses on same street going under foundation repairs less than three years of construction.
Ashton wood also recommend that I should go to structural company for foundation repair where they have insurance because they do not want to spend money on repair.

Oct 11, 2019

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