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R Nov 29, 2018
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When I downloaded & started to play his game back in late September 2016 (XBOX 1), I made a online (C-Store) purchase for the Steam Starter Pack that was for $25 (2500 ZEN Store money). I never received what I paid for & ONLY received the T1 version EVERY time. As it states on the WIKI: "It was originally obtainable from Steam as part of the Steam Starter Pack, and was made available to Xbox One players during the four week launch period of Star Trek Online's console debut. It is now available in the Cryptic Store for 2500 Zen. The Vice Admiral level (Tier 5) Blockade Runner Escort Retrofit is also included."
It took over a year & a half just to get the complete package which includes 2 ships...the T1 Version & the T5 version. (as you can see in the photos that are included which are recent) After several failed complaints which took just over 18 months, I was finally rewarded what I paid for. So, because of what this company advertises, this is saposed to be used for "account wide" per Starfleet characters. But when I tried to utilize this pack on a different Starfleet character, I was back to the same problem & complaint. So AGAIN I made a "trouble ticket" to request for the T5 that I NEVER received from this pack. It took a few more months of waiting but the company finally again rewarded me with the T5. NOW, after the AoD (Age of Discovery) has been added for a DLC, I again tried to "claim" this 2 ship pack but NEVER received the T5 version...AGAIN. So again, I put in a trouble ticket to request the T5 version & this is what they responded by saying:

Response By Email (Zildross) (11/26/2018 10:17 AM)
Hello Captain,

Thank you for keeping in touch with us.

We have reviewed your request for assistance regarding the Steamrunner pack. As previously stated from [protected], we have received word from our Cryptic development team, and unfortunately it looks as though the C-Store description is incorrect, and the promotion is intended to only grant the T1 Steamrunner ship. We hope to have the description changed to reflect the intention, and apologize again for any confusion it caused. Should you need help with anything else, feel free to reach out again as we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Game Master
Perfect World Entertainment

They say that this a mistake on their part & this has been advertised in the games C-Store for at least 2 years now & THEY STILL have NOT corrected this so called mistake! They even informed me that because of this mistake that it is intentional & will not reward me what I paid for. Because of this mistake that took over 18 months, they did reward me 1/2 of the ZEN that I originally paid for the 1st time I made this purchase because 2 years ago, I had made a grand total of $30. The ship pack( which includes 2 ships...the T1 & T5. And what I had left to use I purchased 4 keys that are saposed to unlock ANY lock Boxes in the game. (which I STILL NEVER received)

star trek online
star trek online


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    Davidlkelly Aug 10, 2019
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    Im not spending another penny on star trek online. I've put hundreds into it since 2016 on xbox 1 and won nothing.
    It seems you only win anything if you pay out for a lifetime subscription. If you are free play you get nothing. I grinded my guts out to save up for the latest Disco prise offer and put in yet again money of my own thinking that surely this time i would actually win for once but no as I'm not a lifetime subscription player I don't get preferential treatment.
    One guy opened ten boxes and won 2, I opened 85 boxes and won nothing. I asked him how he managed that and he said i always win as i'm a lifetime subscriber. Well i'm done with your pay to play game.

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