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Arbonne Complaints & Reviews

Arbonne / Loss of consultant status

Vickee Widbin on Feb 5, 2017
I have been a consultant since approx 2006 and have been grandfathered in at the 35% level. I received an email approx. 6 weeks ago stating I needed to renew to keep my grandfathered 35% status. I went in to the website and saw no banner or prompt that my renewal was due. Nothing came up...

Arbonne / Crappy customer service

annoyeddd on Sep 28, 2014
All in all arbonne has great products. Buuuut they are so expensive and always adding on extra fees. The last time i made an order they messed it up so gave me a customer service voucher worth $32. 50. You can only use it on items $32. 50 and less (So if you want to use it on another more...

Arbonne International LLC / Arbonne RE9

Dissatisfied Customer 683 on Sep 14, 2013
I have been using Arbonne products for 13 years. I was introduced to Arbonne by my daughter who previously used Arbonne products. Her complexion was gorgeous. I was hooked on Arbonne UNTIL they changed the ingredients in their RE9 Restorative Day Creme. I always made sure I was fully...

Arbonne / Face mask

CarmenMarie on Sep 11, 2013
I used the Arbonne Celluar Renewal Masque for the first and last time yesterday! The box states "slight transient tingling or redness may be experienced and is normal for a masque this type". Applied the product as instructed, left on less then 7 mins, and it wasn't just redness I...

Arbonne / Ridiciulous &Return& Policy

michiganfan on May 21, 2013
I went to a party and was convinced by the presentation how good the foundation was so I spent $45 on it. After using it for about two weeks (not every day) I wasn't happy with it. I contacted the consultant via Facebook message. She responded and said she was sorry I didn't like...

Arbonne / Rashes and hives

sisterhood on Dec 11, 2012
My sister and I attended a arbonne party and felt oblige to buy something to encourage our host I ordered shampoo, conditioner and body cleanser, nothing bad but nothing great happen My sister got skin care product with sun protection, she got rashes and hives all over her face, stop for...

Arbonne RE9 Advanced / Severe skin reaction

kitcarsonblue on Nov 2, 2012
SEVERE skin reaction. BEWARE!! I have been to my dermatologist twice now. First time was 72 hours ago and received a steroid injection. NO reduction in SEVERE FACE SWELLING as of this writing. Paid US$230.00 to FRY face and spend money on visits to dermatologist!! Buyer BEWARE. Don't say you weren't warned!

Arbonne / Allergic reaction to 'natural' product

I have contacted Arbonne UK 5 times now to complain about an allergic reaction I had to their products, not so much complain actually, more to advise them of my reaction, so they can investigate it... I did not have sensitive skin... but I certainly do now after using Arbonne's products. I...

Arbonne / A Nightmare

Arbonne Victim on Feb 5, 2012
I purchased the Arbonne Clear and Clean Advantage kit from my sister-in-law, who is an Arbonne Consultant, after she claimed that those products worked on her in less than 12 hours. She also bragged about the success of this muti-million company and how it transforms the lives of many...

Arbonne / age spot hand therpy

Dianne Welak on Dec 8, 2011
bought product didnot work for remove age spots on hands . Only gave you less than two months to try now won"t return money..Are they that hard up for money and not customers. I told friends about this now they will not buy product for fear this will happen to them Just lost alot of paying...

Arbonne International / Refuse Refund

On the Coast on Aug 23, 2011
This company would not refund an item and claimed that it had "no value" because I exchanged it. Trying to explain that I paid for the item to begin with and that I am still out the money went on deaf ears. I will never purchase from this company again. Beware if you don't get the right item when purchasing on line you might be stuck with it.

Arbonne / Baby Sunscreen doesnt work!

Jennywalker426 on Jun 26, 2011
I ordere ABC spf 30+. Both time i used it my kids wernt outside for more then an hour and fried! I have never had a problem with neutrogena, and i am definatly switching back to it. I cant believe I fell for this product. I tried contacting them twice and both times my complaint was left...

Arbonne / Rip Off-Awful & Overpriced

babylon on May 26, 2011
Purchased Arbonne product at a friend's party because I felt like I had to due to friendship. The rep was an ***-couldn't answer basic questions about the line even though she was a full time rep for ten plus years and had to read notes about the 'benefits' of the line...

Arbonne International / Scam

va on Mar 3, 2011
Arbonne International is a cosmetics company based in Irvine California. Their main product line contains more than 300 products, such as skin care products, anti-aging therapy, hair care products and weight loss supplements, all supposedly formulated with100% natural herbal and botanical...

Arbonne / Bogus claims

I just went to my first (and last) Arbonne get-together. What a waste of my time! A friend is being suckered into selling this overpriced line by a rep who made dishonest claims. She actually said that all the products were MADE in Switzerland. They are supposedly "formulated there...) The rep...

Arbonne / Bad experience

I have been using Arbonne "rE9" face products for five years. Recently, I they did away with the old and now have the "revised" rE9 product. I do not like the way it makes my skin feel. I am not sure what they did to make it SUPPOSEDLY better, but wish they would change it back. The other thing...

Arbonne / E-bay

The Corporate Head office of Arbonne have made legal agreements with e-bay that their products not be sold by anyone on e-bay - whether that that be in U.S.A.; U.K; Australia and S, Africa. It is totally detrimental to all Arbonne Consultants who are building a legitimate business with...

Arbonne Consultant / Harrassment

This consultant asked me to have sex with her and her husband at a facial party and I told her no! She consistently called me for several days and practically begged me to do this, she even offered me money! Now, I like the skin care product and have found another person to buy it from, but people, please beware of going to this womans condo!

Arbonne / Annual fee

Arbonne has a $15/year fee to continue to be a "sales consultant." I have been one since November 2004, using the product primarily for my own use. I would usually pay the fee around the time it is due, or since I don't often place orders (I wait until I have a larger order), I pay it...

Arbonne / sales rep demands ssi#&all credit card info.&birthdate as well

I was helping a friend who was in a new business selling specialized cosmetics and when orders were taken she had to have ALL the info. off my credit card, my date of birth and my ssi# I objected because any one who got that information could steal my identity. I know this young woman well...

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