Apria Healthcarewhat I seen working for apria


to whom it may concern, stay away from this company! i worked for apria for 3months and in that time i saw this company not care about its patients at all! they had me delivery old and dirty equipment to patients, dirty beds, equipment that was sitting on the dirty side of the warehouse, not tested to make sure it even worked!! they were billing for equipment that the patient didnt even is what my mgr told me one day( had an order to delivery to do a new 0/2 set up with a concentrator a home fill unit for portablely and a m-tank for back-up, when i got to the home the patient was 8 years old and was having a medical procedure the next day and his doctor wanted him to be on 0/2 @1lpm for 8 hours to get his 0/2 level up so his mother only wanted 2-e-tanks for the night.thats what i did. the next day my mgr torn me a new one for not delivering all the 0/2 equipment that was on the order, said we(apria arent making any money on this one!!)told me from know on tell patients from now on take what is on order or get another company to fill your order. glad i dont work there anymore!!!

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