Apex Battery Complaints & Reviews

Apex Battery / Back up ups battery

Feb 11, 2016

I ordered a battery for my back up ups and they cross referenced the battery and shipped the wrong battery. This happened on november 7th. Once i received it i emailed them about it and never heard back, emailed again in january and they told me it was past the 30 day warranty period. It...

Apex / Switched to af off-brand


Apex Battery . com substuted a cheap off-brand battery for the Yuasa battery they had listed on their web site. Late on the page in small print they do tell the buyer that this is not the brand listed on the headline, but a compatible replacement. On the reciept, they listed the battery a...

Apex Battery / motorcycle battery


After getting recommendation for a motorcycle battery from a Vmax site, I ordered a Panasonic gel battery through apex link. When the battery arrived, it turned out to be a cheap chinese made substitute. I immediately sent an email to complain of this, and apex totally ignored me. I sent...

Apex Battery / Bad service


Very unhappy and frustrated with my (attempted) order from Apex Battery. Tried to order a projection lamp for my Mitsubishi TV. searched all over the web for the particular part number, provided by Mitsubishi. Came across Apex. Not THE cheapest, but cheaper than many. Long story short, they...