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12:56 pm EDT
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Angus Coin Shop Harassment for payment via eBay contact

Beniot Dombrowski continuously sends me invoices through Paypal to pay $59.95 CAD for a coin which I did not order.
This is a retaliation for a claim I initiated through Paypal for a .95 cent 2012 Canadian nickel that was purchased on 7/22/2012 and immediately paid for by me, yet never received.
Beniot Dombrowski promptly refunded the $3.94 that I was charged which included the shipping after I filed a dispute on 8/6/2012.
Beginning 8/7/2012 I have been getting INVOICES from Paypal for various amounts but have cancelled at least 10 requests for payment for $59.95 CAD since I did not order anything further from [protected] from Beniot Dombrowski.
I have contacted eBay several times, I have contacted Paypal several times and they have written to Beniot Dombrowski with the following:
Dear Benoit Dombrowski, Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. We were recently contacted by our mutual customer (my name is hidden) with the email address [protected] regarding the multiple invoices/money requests for $59.95 CAD that you have sending. We are writing to request that you cease sending any further money requests to the buyer as the buyer does not owe you any payment. We appreciate your timely response in this matter. Sincerely, Danielle PayPal Customer Solutions PayPal, an eBay Company Copyright © [protected] PayPal. All rights reserved.
Benoit Dombrowski has continued to send these invoices after being informed I have been reporting him to various partiesrequestingg that he stop harassing me.
I have reported this matter to Complaint Id: I1208101303232891 and informed Benoit Dombrowski of every complaint and communication I have made about this matter.
I had to eliminate the email address that I had that Benoit Dombrowski wasphishingg, spamming andharassingg me with.
For more information contact me through my eBay messages at thenickelguy.
I have a lot of invoices from different dates and/or times and other communications and facts available to share with anyone that needs to be aware of the details of this complaint.
My case that is pending closure with the BBB details disclose much more than I can fit in this post as well as all my files I have kept on this case. Below are some images to validate that this is truly happening to me for reasons unknown other than to try and get me to give this person money for nothing.

Benoit Dombrowski continues to harrass me as recently as 8/28/2012. I suspect that he will continue to try and get me to pay him money for no other reason than to scam me by sending bogus invoices, in hopes that I may accidently pay as I do always pay my invoices rather quickly. Now I am even more careful to watch who has sent me a bill and for what it is about and that the amount that is requested is correct.

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Update by Harassed by Benoit Dombrowski
Apr 17, 2013 9:58 am EDT

"Just to show you how bad of a bad apple he is, there has been no discussion or replies from anyone else on this matter."

That's because you Coyote, aka Benoit Dombrowski, are about as insignificant as a couple of pounds of whale dung at the bottom of the sea in this world. Evidently you were audited by the CRS becuase there is a forum string you started on eBay after being reported by the dirty cop. Here's the link to show your own words.

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Chase The Coyote
Barrie, CA
Mar 22, 2013 7:30 pm EDT

The complainer (thenickelguy) in question is a dirty cop that deliberately broke into eBay's computer system for his own personal use. He was subsequently suspended by eBay. This con artist has been causing problems for many Canadian sellers and is on the blocked list of many major sellers in Canada.

He is a bad apple that tries very hard to discredit honest Canadian business. Just to show you how bad of a bad apple he is, there has been no discussion or replies from anyone else on this matter.

His complaint is a non-event.

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