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This stems from an extension of a contract that I signed a few weeks ago. The only reason I signed an extension so I could bring my son with me. I was told that I could get a reimbursement which I never really have seen. They will not even ask for the receipt. They are even so bold as to ask me for the accomodations that they were paying for which I came out of my own pocket to pay for. This is a two fold problem. Following is an email from them not wanting to work with me which is itself unethetical and also bogus..I was never allowed to give a rebuttal.
Dear Lawrence,

Thank you for your interest in AMN Healthcare�s travel program. AMN Healthcare includes the following travel companies: Med Travelers and Club Staffing.

Our Professional Review Board, which is comprised of healthcare professionals, has reviewed your work history with our company. Based on your past performance, we are unable to refer you to additional AMN Healthcare staffing assignments.

We wish you the best in your career.


Professional Review Board

For one thing, this was my first assignment with them. How can they judge my past performances. Another thing, I had no option of answering this letter. I was offererd an extension because the client was tickled pink to have me return. But after returning with money that is in my contract that they never paid me for, they stated that the client cancelled the contract with a bogus reason.. And as I stated before, they still want to hound me with money I paid for for the use of the housing accomondations. What if I had no money and was stuck 1000 miles away from home? This is not only unethical practices, it is undue pain and suffering. This is unlawful. I also consider this a favoritism issue. I will only say this, they had untried and sup par equipment which prevented me from doing my job, but this was a one time occurence, for me. Should I be judged on that? I know other techs there that are inept and shouldnt even be there, yet they thrive, which compromises patient care. This same issue happened to other employees, but nothing happened. Thanks for your time.

Lawrence Rousey
6137 Elbrook Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

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