Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Inntrash treatment... sketchy actions.. wired reaction.. never ever seen this in my entire life..

M Jul 14, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Mohamed Abdalla Khalil ([protected]) Im a regular loyal customer.. I Came yesterday to the receptionist ALONE and booked a room and explained to the receptionist that it will be me and a friend that will be staying at the room. Took 2 keys. I went to my room with my friend and we had a conflict and I had to kick her out of my room. I went. to the receptionist and requested to reset the keys and give me a new key, which happened. I left to go to my work. Came to my room on the second day at 7 am totally exhausted aftet I finished my work to find that the fiend that was kicked out of the room and never showed to the reception with me is staying in my room. I went to the receptionist and asked how come they gave her access to my room.. the answer was really surprising, as I was accused as I was the one that brought her !!! ????
I took the receptionist and went to evict her and her company from my room. She insulted me and the receptionist and closed the door.
The more astonishing is that the receptionist left me and started to trear me as if i was trash..
I asked to speak to the manager but my request as if never heard..
Requested to change the room and charge the people that stayed in my room.. but they refused.. I asked them to charge me only for the time the room was really mine.. and refund the rest.. same unacceptable reaction..
I requested to call the police as my phone was dead.. the receptionist pretended as if she called the police but never did. Till the friend and her company left the room.. I went to ask them to check the room before they leave as I wont be held responsible.. the receptionist barely moved..
I never ever faced such an strange attitude or bad treatment as I did with this rubbish hotel..
I will keep posting reviews and even will go to local newspapers to explain my story..
I dont care about the money .. but how wired and sketchy your hotel is..
I will always recommend people to stay away from those fishy unprofessional staff and management.
Finally I am reporting to you to see whether you are a respectful company or you are the same as your hotel and its sketchy staff.
Let's see.


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      Aug 13, 2019

    I was banned for writing an unflattering review at the Loudon branch. Then they went online and said I was racist and insulted my name. Is this acceptable? Ask the maintenance man Mike EV- he's the Loudon branch employee threatening me online and in person. This hotel is secretly a brothel and the lot lizards live behind the office in campers. The manager and his wife are hateful and unhelpful and they need to have the franchise revoked!

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  •   Aug 13, 2019

    @Yourdownfall I didn't insult your name! I questioned it because if it was a misprint it says a racist word for African American.

    Seriously, I'd change it.

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  •   Aug 13, 2019

    @Yourdownfall You didn't even mention the wife in your original complaint.

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  •   Aug 13, 2019

    Mike EV lives in Germany, genius!

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