Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Inntheft by the manager/harassment/rudeness/libel defamation and slander

Jo Sep 30, 2019

After a long day at work, I arrived back at my hotel with an armful of groceries and a card that did not work.
I went to the front office to get a new card and I was asked if I was happy by the manager rahmann.
I said no, not if this happens everyday [I prepaid for 1 week]
Heat immediately began yelling & became belligerent telling me that I can leave that no-one can make me happy that I cannot stay here that I can go and that he will charge me $69, twice for the two nights that I stayed.

I told him I don't want to leave i've already paid for a week
His screaming tirade continued.
[I have a video of the incident I am submitting to youtube and facebook]

Sir why are you yelling? I asked... Leave get out of my office this is my hotel I make the rules. Was his response. And then I turned the camera on...
I would love to provide video evidence.

The fact that you were corporation would employ someone like this man to operate the front desk of a hotel where people greeting skills are key, is appalling.

I went back into the office about 20 minutes later [after calling the blytheville police department]

I was screamed and yelled at again. And called a "cracker mother[censored]er"
White people this and something else that... I was threatened that I would be hit with a stick that apparently he keeps behind the desk.
I was told he would call the police, I told him I already did.

So you see, by employing this man you're fully accountable for his actions against me.
His racist hateful words, libel defamation slander and threats. I will hold red lion hotels fully accountable, legally in court, if this man has continued employment with your corporation. I understand that you all have attorneys. But I have witnessed with phone numbers. I have video evidence as I said posted to youtube. I am not some chump off of the street. I am from houston texas and I have worked all over the world.
I have stayed in hotels nationwide.
I have never been treated like this or screamed at like this by a grown man.

*I want my full refund for the 2 most unpleasant nights I have ever stayed at a hotel in my life*

Someone may correspond with me immediately at
Email. [protected]

Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Inn
Americas Best Value Inn / Americas Best Inn

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