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***America Best Value Inn
2625 N Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD 21801
Phone: [protected]

I am sending this report on behalf of a family Friend. This female is homeless and is currently residing in her car until she is able to get a place.

***She has stayed at this AMBVI prior to these dates of Sept 2019, as a valued cash paying customer for two-three months between the months of"Feb-Jun 2019". Please check your records for a Ms. S. Davis Bey during the months provided.

She acquired funding from the Joseph House which is a organization that helps with homelessness to families/and singles. They agreed to assist with a two night stay. The Joseph House does not know of the rodent and pests that are in this place. She is encouraged by family and friends to report this to the Joseph House as they are funding the stay and they should be informed of the issues there.

**On sat 28th of Sept. 2019 she was allowed to do an early check in as a"courtesy"because the room that she requested wasn't ready and she had been a valued"cash paying"customer in the past using her monthly benefits for the costs. Upon entering the room she noticed that the refrigerator had roaches crawling on the bottom and when she opened the freezer area there were also roaches there as well. Management was alerted and she went out to get female supplies and returned. Upon her return she went into the bathroom took a shower after the shower, there were more roaches on the floor located at the bottom of the toilet bowl near the sides and rear the toilet bowl.
Management started ringing the room phone told her that they wanted her to stay in that roach infested room after she had already alerted them of the issue. They told her that the policy is that she pay for an early checkin and that she would need to stay in that"roach infested room any way???!!!" My friend was disappointed, hurt, and depressed. Besides she had cleared her saving giving this same hotel cash money for a two-three month stay prior to this event and this is the thanks that she gets???!!! As a prior valued customer this is apalling and a travesty.

*She left the ABVI shortly after her shower on Sunday 28th because she could not agree to stay in that same room or be charged an early check in. She was allowed this benefit of and early check in past times and they refuse to allow it this time. Ms. Bey was hurt and disappointed so she left.

Ms. Bey did not return until monday the 30th to ask about having the Sunday night stay reimbursed due to pests that were in the room. The management refused to give her the stay eventhough she left the premises within a short time. She was only allowed to stay Monday night just one night. The family feels that due to pest issue and uncomfortability she should have been given that courtesy to stay for the original two nights, being a valued customer in the past, under those unsanitary conditions in another room.

Ms. Bey can be reached by voice message center at 973.757.0907. Please leave a message with a date and time of when to return the call back to you.

Can and is Red Lion able to help assist with this for my friend


Ms. Johnson

Oct 08, 2019

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