AMCmy child was threatened an racially profiled by one of your employees

V Sep 10, 2018


Recently my children and I visited the AMC 18 off lynnhaven parkway to go to the movies. I purchased the tickets for our children. I asked for a 7pm movie time however they gave us the incorrect ticket time which was for a 530pm show. I did nlt realize this an I advised the boys to go ahead into the movies and if they had any problems to let me know because I was not with them. I was taking a important phone call in the parking lot and would be in shortly after them. Well I ended up getting a call from my son advising me they gave us the wrong ticket time. I came into the movie theater to correct the situation when the children began to tell me they were sent to speak with a woman by the name of Kim regarding the incorrect ticket time. She then proceeded to threaten our children. Kim said to our children they would be followed, she said to them she will have her "people" watching them, and if they tried to sneak into the movie theatre they would be kicked out. Where my concern is she did this in a very threatning manner. The kids also advised me she was singling out all of the black children and not the white ones. My concern with this is why would she even speak to teenage boys like that at all.

At this point I asked to speak with a manager. I was very very bothered by this. The manager I spoke with was Cassie. I advised her our children were singled out, threatned for no reason an racially profiled. During this conversation there was a police officer overhearing what I was saying. I was very upset. The officers name is Officer Handlin. He rudely interrupted an said to me maam I dont think your children were threatned. This a Caucasian man. I said to him how would you know what happen to them you werent there. I then advised him very directly our children were racially profiled an Kim spoke to our children in a threatning manner. He then proceed to tell me he was born in Ethiopia and is considered an african. I asked him how long was he raised in Ethiopia. He advised for the 1st 3 years of his life. Why he felt the need to tell me all of that was just absolutely ridiculous and quite frankly I was very offended after our conversation. This is a white man telling me he is african american because he was born in Ethiopia. After this I simply turned around an asked him not to say another word to my children or me.

The manager Cassie was SHOCKED by what he said. She also advised me that Kim would face reprimand for her actions toward our children. She gave me AMC HOME OFFICES number to report this incident. The number is [protected]..

Please give them a call to report the incident for our children. If you have any questions for me I can be reached at [protected].

Best Regards,
Velika Menendez (Elijahs mother)

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