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Alliance For Affordable ServicesScam and lies

I obtained health insurance several years ago through a company called Midwestern or something. As a part of the application process I was asked to sign many many forms. One of the forms was an application for Alliance for Affordable Services. Very little if anything was said about this except that you have to sign this one to be eligible for the insurance. We called later to cancel the insurance and did not know to cancel this "Alliance" membership. They have been deducting $19.95 from my checking account for years! After hours searching on the internet and many calls to different Alliance companies, I finally found the right one. They said in the fine print of the application that it is very clear that you have to cancel this membership separately. I have tried to track this several times through my bank but until today have always been unsuccessful. Today I searched "Alliance Scam" and found a posting on your site which led me to the correct company. During the last 4 or 5 years we have received nothing in the mail or on email from this company. So about $1000 later, I have now cancelled.


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    Thomas Charbonneau Oct 09, 2018
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  • Mr
    MrGreen2016 Oct 05, 2016
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    [protected] Alliance Affordable Sevices number. Tell them to stop auto debiting your account or to cancel. It feels like a scam. Been auto drafted since 2009 and finally found out who they are and received this number which gets you directly to them. Hope this helps!

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  • Wi
    William Utesch May 15, 2014
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    How do you go about cancelling The Alliance Affordable Service membership? I need help since they bank draft me every month.

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  • Lo
    Loru Jan 07, 2013

    They have been taking $40 a month out of my account for several years. Even after cancelling health insurance! They make it impossible to cancel. Still trying to figure out how. May have to get lawyer involved!

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  • Ta
    tacoman217 Aug 20, 2012

    I have this Memebership with Alliance now for 2 years. If you got this membership through and agent this should have been explained to you properly how to cancel and information should have been given to you by the agent and a letter is mailed out to you with your membership number and all contact phone numbers. This is a service not insurance. Yes they do have benefits that pay you directly for accidental hospital confinment depending what state you are in. Additonal benefits for stroke, heartattack etc. I use this service daily. I love their TELEDOC service. Free doctor consult over the phone. Best thing ever for moms who work!! I read all the negative statements from each of you and it sounds like you were not expained well how the service works. I'm sorry for that because the savings you would have been taking advnatage of if you had the service not cancelled. I have saved over $12, 468 so far just by having this service. I have gotten paid in benfits from Alliance in the amount of $6800. I was in the hospital or 11 days for an accidental injury. Benefit was $600 per day, came to $6600. Ambulance benefit was $200. So you see I have made money by having this service. I am truly sorry that this service was not explained to you very well in order for you to take full advantage of its benefits and savings.

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  • Su
    Susanne7777 Jun 01, 2012

    Took 36 $ for a year -NOT legal - out of my bank account, SCAM be careful

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  • Ma
    MaineGal Apr 23, 2012

    I just found out the other day I was being charged different fees depending on the month: $40 to $52/ month since last year! I now have been charged without my knowledge over $461. I was really upset as I thought I paid for my insurance all up front already for the year and it was a big expense as it was. So the one who got charged $19.95/month consider yourself "lucky" (except you waited far too long to see these charges).

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  • De
    Debbie Baker 1900 Apr 04, 2012
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    My family was/is also a victim of Alliance/Midwestern Life. They have been pulling $99.00 a month for each of us yet we cannot contact them in any way. Finally we close a bank account and they were right on the phone with wondering what had happened. We told them we were cancelling immediately yet two months later they are still robbing our new account. I have no idea how they even got our new information. I called my bank and explained what was going and they are doing a investigation into this company. They have also blocked any more withdrawals. Here is a number my to reach them. My bank was able to supply me with this number. Good luck everyone.

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  • Ru
    rumirilke Nov 25, 2011

    My experience has been infuriatingly consistent w/ the majority of the complaints above. The points made are exactly correct: If they were not a scam, they would, like all other automatic withdrawals post their phone # on your bank statement. Why are they so difficult to track and why have we never received anythihg in the mail about our so-called benefits??
    I am not a naturally suspicious person but could it be that the few positive comments were posted by the scammer themselves.
    So infuriating that I am taking this to the next level.

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  • Po
    POedMom Jun 15, 2011

    I just got off the phone with the company telling me they won't give me the $28.00 back for this month dues knowing the money was just taken out of my account for June. I told them it is coming out today and I want it stopped and they said no thats our policy and went up 3 supervisors who just did not even give any empathy for the service problem. They didn't even ask why I was leaving their service. I was denied service call when we called for a wrecker to pick up our car at a service station to take to a reputable place since it broke down where it couldn't be fixed. I sure hope people look at complaints before they sign on the dotted line

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  • As
    asherblack Feb 15, 2011

    Personally I think people who sign up for things w/o knowing what they are, and then complain later about it doing what it said it would do are whiny and incompetent in life in general. That org is available to anyone, and you get benefits like discounted insurance if your'e a member. If you were to join the chamber of commerce, and get a discounted insurance plan, it'd be the same thing. And then if you cancelled your insurance, that wouldn't cancel your chamber membership. It's your responsibility to read what you sign and understand it, not theirs or anyone else's to do what you would have liked them to do. Classic whiners.

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  • Pm
    pmueller Jan 04, 2011
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    I'm sorry people have had a bad experience with some of the agents but if you bought a car that kept breaking down and the lot wouldn't fix it would you blame the automaker. Turn the shady Agent into your state insurance commissioner would do you much beter

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  • Rg
    R. Gordon Nov 06, 2010
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    I signed up with Alliance for Affordable Services on May 2005 and then canceled the membership in writing on June 5, 2005. I just found out from my bank that Alliance has been taking $40.00 out of my account for 5 years!!! I spoke to a lawyer and I was advised to take them to small clams.

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  • Tw
    twosillydogs Aug 02, 2010

    I agree with all the positive comments, i think the alliance is Great...what is NOT GREAT are your agents who do not explain it to you. I received a package which explained everything. I pay quarterly. they enable me to afford health insurance which as a 55 yr woman, it is very hard to do. I have used the service for the car emergency instead of AAA which I cancelled and as an aside, it is much faster service and more comprehensive. they have many discount services and opportunities which you can take advantage of if you take the time to read either the website or the brochure.

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  • Jo
    joejoeman Jul 14, 2010

    You all are crazy!!! The Alliance is great, it paid me $400/day each day I was in the hospital for surgery (5 days). All I did was contact them after and submit a form and they sent me a check for $2, 000!!! All of the other benefits are great as well. Also, it clearly states throughout the book that it "is not health insurance", but often a "discount" plan. If you are naieve enough to belive everything an agent tells you and not read it yourself, you have only scammed yourself. Also, for those of you who "claim" that money has been coming out of your account for you not check your balance statement every month??? what is wrong with you??? When all the benefits in the package are used, we save a lot of money each year on gifts, groceries, movies, hotels when traveling and even flights!! come on people, stop blaming everyone else for your own shortcoimings and not using this membership the right way!!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Tennant May 24, 2010

    If it weren't a scam, why did I need to research this online to get the 800#? Most legit companies post their 800 on the bank debits. If I had that 800# easily on my bank statement I wouldn't have lost $200 this year. We cancelled our insurance Dec 2009 and while I noticed the extra charges it's taken me this long to find. Every number I called they said they weren't the right number. Today when I finally did get the right number (thanks to whomever posted the number above) they refused to give me an operator ID so I could prove the call. I asked for a manager. What a scam.

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  • Af
    AffordableServicesScam Apr 09, 2010

    Similar experience for me.

    A local agent visits me and claims that I can reduce my health insurance tremendously through Alliance. He fills up some forms for me, asks me to sign, and requests a blank check.

    He tells me that I can cancel the application anytime before a month is up.

    I cancel a few days later, thinking that was the end of it. What I didn't know was that 3 days after his visit, I was made a member of Alliance.

    When I got back from an out-of-the-country vacation, I saw 2 withdrawals of $52 each from my checking account. They claim that they notified me of the Membership (they didn't), and tough luck. Clearly a scam, because the insurance was supposed to have been only $500 per year, but this $600+ membership per year would be on top of that.

    I called my bank, and they said, there is no way for them to stop the withdrawal every month. I can only close the account.

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  • Ka
    karen 3/05/2010 Mar 07, 2010

    Since 2002 until 3/5/2010 had 19.95 taken from my checking account withdrawn by alliance MBR-DUES. Everother auto-withdrawal I have always includes a phone number, not this one. Don't know how or why I got into this program. The bank could not help me due to lack of information. I took a chance to use the computer and put in Alliance MBR-DUES to find negative statement just like what I have gone through--made another phone call to see if I was on their list, I was. Of course it was my fault for not calling to cancell. I feel it was a scam due to the lack of info on checking account and not receiving new cards. I am so mad.

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  • Pi
    Pissed in Lincolnton Feb 25, 2010

    I just found out that I've been getting charged 19.95 a month since 2002. My wife just called and complained to alliance. I can't believe they are able to steal this money from people who have since cancelled their insurance. The bank told us they used to use the name AAS. Then they changed their name to Alliance. The phone number to call them is [protected]. I would love to sue thier ###'s over this!

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  • Fr
    Frustrated in Orlando Feb 16, 2010

    We experienced a similar scam from Alliance for Affordable Services, who is in bed with Health Markets. An agent by the name of Del Shorette came to our house and tried to sign us up. Having been turned down for traditional insurance, we decided to give it a try---even though Del seemed a little sketchy.

    Surprisingly, I was turned down by them also. I was actually kind of relieved b/c I didn't trust them to begin wth. Del said he would take care of refunding my money and canceling the Alliance policy. He didn't. Aftwerwards, Del Shorette disappeared. Alliance did not. In fact, they continued to ding my bank account for $53.75/month for six months!

    DO NOT entertain any ideas of talking with Del. He is a sleazy agent representing a slimy company in Alliance for Affordable Services. And beware of Alliance changing their name to escape their past. Once enough complaints build up, theywill just establish another morally-empty shell of a company to take your money.

    ---Pissed in Orlando

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  • Al
    Alliance Member Man Feb 06, 2010


    There is one thing I cannot stand these days is automatic debiting of my bank account. Its remarkable how easy they reel you in and have then deduct your funds automatically. I new about the charges, however I could not allow them to control my money and how it is paid so I called them and asked what were my options. They now send me a invoice every 3 months and I pay it by check. I don't really understand what I am paying for. My invoice says that you get all sorts of discounts, however I have not used any of these services Alliance offers as of yet. It sounds like a waste of money.

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  • La
    lame insurance Feb 05, 2010

    My agent actually did explain the process to me. But when I got a new job with health insurance and cancelled my Mid-West policy I also called Alliance to cancel my membership and they said no problem, it's done. Months later I see the $40 a month is still getting pulled out of my acct! I tried to get the bank to reverse the charges saying it was a fraud- no luck. Tried to get Alliance to give me my $$ back- no luck. They're conning every penny they can get.

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  • Ci
    Citzen1 Jan 28, 2010

    I think this is the scam of the agents... I signed up with Alliance for Affordable services SO I COULD GET less expensive health insurance, eye, dental, access to legal advice, small business info, discounts at hotels, moving companies etc etc etc.. I have easily made up the yearly fee in savings. In fact when I got my current job, which came with health, dental and eye... I KEPT the eye program I had because of being a member of Alliance for Affordable Services .

    This is really sad to read that agents are misrepresenting Alliance for Affordable services which is just what the name in implies. In fact affordable insurance is only a tiny little subcategory of what they have to offer and if you aren't a small business... you likely have NO NEED to be a member. We had provide out business licence to get signup so are these agents using THEIR business license to sign people up?

    Takes all kinds I guess.

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  • Fr
    Frustrated Mbr. Jan 26, 2010

    I would love to get a class action suit against this Alliance. I've never used the service and have been charged $45.95 since Jan 2000. It is a total scam of $5, 559.95 for me. I was never told about this alliance mbr. dues and thought this service was just part of the health ins. I signed up for at Midwest. My agent never instructed me the costs of this service and I never received any paperwork from Midwest saying that I would then be drafted separately for this service after Dec 2007. Now that there is such a money crunch going on I am very sure that this will not ever happen again. I can't believe that I just figured out where this money has been going for the past two years. If it was drafted together with my ins. i never would have realized I'm paying for this service .My agent had me sign these forms as part of obtaining health Ins.I guess it was my fault to sign any paperwork without fully understanding its fine print.I still don't understand how this service could go on drafting from me with out me having to re-new my contract on a yearly basis.

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  • Fu
    FullMonty Jan 14, 2010

    I also obtained insurance by joining Alliance, but perhaps my salesman did a better job of explaining it to me. The reason the health insurance is such a good deal is because of the membership, which gives me more buying power by combining with all of you. I had a rotten Kaiser plan that cost us about $800/mo. Now my cost is about $600/mo. - including the $40 for Alliance.

    In addition, it is giving me - at no additional cost - emergency roadside assistance for me, my spouse, and all dependents, and a prepaid legal service. Together, these would cost me about the same as the $40 membership. However, I also get free business consulting services, free tax advice from CPA's, all sorts of discounts (hotel, car rental, $6.50 Regal movies!), and a bunch more services that I don't use.

    If that weren't enough, my daughter received a $2, 000 college scholarship that renews for the next two years for $1, 000 each year as long as she keeps her GPA at 3.5 or higher.

    So, I understand that you are upset if it weren't explained properly to you. If I weren't saving $200/mo. on my insurance, I think I'd still have this service. Anyway, that's just my experience and I hope that y'all can find the true value of this, figure out how to cancel, and/or get your money back. Have a great day!

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  • Mo
    MorganTime Jan 13, 2010

    I signed up with Alliance and Mid West Life National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee (whom is also my Health Insurance provider) the same way most of you did, a sales rep came into our small office about a year ago and marketed it to us. I bought into the plan and have had 140.00 deducted from my account on a monthly basis for medical insurance (which i consider a reasonable price for an individual).

    However, I also see a deduction of $40.00 for an Alliance membership fee. I dont understand why we have to pay a membership fee on top of Health insurance premimum in the first place. I am researching alternatives at this time and plan to cancel both memberships very soon. I feel as if I am paying $40.00 a month for something I never use...I can see that alot of you feel the same way. I am 29 and am very healthy so I rarely use my medical insurance which is fine, I dont mind paying a monthly premimum, but the Alliance membership just doesnt make any sense to me.

    -Morgan from Riverside, CA

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  • Iv
    Ivanator Jan 01, 2010

    I think I've been scammed the same way. Been paying Alliance and Midwest for years. Does anyone have any information on how to cancel these memberships?

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  • Mi
    michael Sallus Jul 09, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We to were suckered into this arrangement by an agent for not only this company, but also midwest life insurance company. We cancelled the alliance membership when we cancelled the insurance though and had no idea that they were still pulling money from our account. We thought that the money was for the health insurance company, but that was not the case as we found out last month when we got a bill for 120.00 and a note that they tried to take the money form our account and the account was closed. I called them to let them know that we had cancelled their membership and asked for our money back that they had been taking since 1995, and they said to pound sand. I then called Midwest and let them know that we had changed banks and to send us a form to switch the withdrawals to the new bank account. I have not received any form to fill out, and think that they might have cancelled my insurance policy at this point a month later. I have not received any notice of cancellation if they cancelled the policy, and have not had a return phone call from them. I think the whole thing was a scam not that i am seeing all these complaints about both companies. If anyone has info on any class action cases I would like to be notified.
    I can be notified at [email protected]


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  • Da
    Daf May 13, 2009

    We were suckered in the exact same way. My wife had recently become a realtor and there were many 'dues' to be paid, so when this charge first appeared on our account we through it was one of Century 21's sub-companies. After the market crumbled and she had to cancel her realtorship we noticed this charge continued, and tracked it down. It appeared on our account as:

    ALLIANCE MBR DUES XXXXXXXXXXXX (the X's denote the membership number)

    So I called Alliance, who's contact information can be found here:

    The agent told me that the healthcare company and alliance were separate entities. That even though we were denied healthcare, we were supposed to cancel with alliance ourselves. When first speaking with the health insurance salesman (in person no less) he had all the figures we'd be paying in a lump sum per month, which of course we'd only pay if we are approved. When denied healthcare, who would think you would be continually charged regardless?

    Having migrated to the US from England and spending several years watching my American wife navigate through the healthcare system makes me very homesick. The scams, costs, overcharging and delays here are gutwrenching.


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  • St
    Steven Simmons Jan 23, 2009

    If you were scammed into paying for what you thought was Insurance, through misrepresentation then you are a victim of a crime. You should contact your state Department of Insurance and or your State Attorney General's Office to register a written complaint. Insurance is regulated on a state by state basis. The seller has to be licensed as well as the product. It may take some time and effort on your part but thats the way the system works and the only way to get any of your defrauded funds back.

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