J Jan 27, 2020

My mother was shorted 30 pills of the controlled medication lorazepam. The bottle read the correctly prescribed amount of 60, but contained only 30 pills which we discovered after leaving the store. The pharmacist told us her count was correct with no overages so there were 60 pills in the bottle.

[removed], fill date 1/17/20, picked up 1/22/20
RPh: DC - MH
Haddox, Mila Villa

My mother is 96-years-old and dependent on this medication to sleep. She is anxious and troubled by this shortage, hoping her doctor will prescribe an additional amount to cover the shortage. She also paid for 60 pills.

It would have been nice if the pharmacist at least acted like she gave us the benefit of the doubt. I understand there are deceptive people in the world and I even understand that she couldn't hand over the 30 pills. My worry is that her attitude means this won't be investigated. I believe someone at that pharmacy commited a criminal act and is diverting controlled medication.

In the future, we will definitely ask the pharmacist/tech to count the pills out for us before we leave the counter.

Sincerely, [name removed]

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