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AIM Realty Management - Unprofessional Staff

Do not ever rent from AIM. They have a very uncaring, unprofessional staff and they don't care about tenants. Darlene in the office refuses to apologize to me for saying she isn't concerned about customer service and told me I was not going to ruin her weekend. They sent tweekers to my house to change the locks that were unlicensed. Beware of this company!!!

Great Company! no problems at all when I rented from them...

LOL ????? "It's so cute..."
Go back to your Myspace or make an Adult comment or
do not comment at all.

LOL! It's so cute how childish grown adults can be. What a come-back...

AIM Realty and Affordable Homes Realty - Unprofessional Staff.
Would like to speak to all of those who have had deallngs with Unprofessional Staff, specifically the final "walk thru".
Withholding of large amounts of money on deposits for "repairs".

Yeah, Sarah? And people like you shouldn't have been born! Have a nice day =)

Usually to best prove a point, it's best to not come across as whiney like you didn't get your way or over react to situations that don't go your way. There are always two sides to every story. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't thow stones.