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On 1/18/20 I was returning around 14 or 15 items that were too big for my son that I had purchased online to the Layton Hills Aeropostale in Utah. The sales girl only credited on my sales return receipt 7 items. I didn't realize this until 15 minutes later when I was reviewing my receipt at the food court. I was busy trying to keep my kids from knocking things off the racks and messing up the store so I didn't pay attention to the store clerk and her ringing in each item for a return. I went back to the store and the store associate told me that it was only seven items and I looked at the counter where she had supposedly put the items and I saw that she only had half the itemsi had brought back there. She had put the other items somewhere else. She had taken the other items and she had stole them. I asked if I could speak with the store manager and she told me know that she was a store manager (I found out a few days later that she was lying). I asked her if I could see the store surveillance and she said no. I told her that I knew there was three of a specific shirt that I had brought back that I had purchased by mistake and there was only one showing on the counter and she said I don't think so. I said I know exactly what I brought back and it's not sitting on the counter and she said well I don't know what to tell you. The sales girl had taken my online order receipts when I had returned the clothes and she wouldn't give them back. The girl stole from me and I know she is stealing from other customers and probably from her employer. I contacted customer care at Aeropostale and I was treated horribly by the a guy who was supposed to research the case. He at first told me he was going to contact me in a few days, but hen called me the next day and said that he found that I had only returned 7 items. I told him that was a lie and if he had really pulled the survelliance video he would have seen that. He never watched the survelliance video. I feel like it was too much of a bother for him and not worth his time. He treated me like I was a liar. I asked if I could speak with his supervisor and he flat out told me no. I asked again repeatedly if I could speak with any supervisor and he told me no and that no one had time to talk to me. I work in customer service and have for 30 years and have never seen such horrible customer service in my life. He told me if I really thought she had stolen from me that I could file a police report. Like I would take my boys into the police dept to file a report. My boys are always with me. I would never take my children into that environment. First off their employee stole from me, and then their customer care employee doesn't do his job and treats me like I'm lying. It was Aeropostale's duty to try to resolve this situation. People don't always remember exact things that are said but they always remember how people made them feel. I will never forget the way I was treated. And I felt horrible. I wouldn't treat anyone the way I was treated. And I will never shop at Aeropostale again. I have spent a lot of money at Aeropostale in the past for my older boys while they were in their teen years and I would have spent a lot of money on my younger boys as they were going through their teen years. But because of this experience I will never spend a dime in Aeropostale stores again. I will also make sure all of my friends and family know what happened at Aeropostale so that they don't shop there either.


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    Mr. Helpful Jan 23, 2020

    Hi Kierst.

    I appreciated reading you concerns.

    Although you thought you were returning more items, the sales clerk only counted and registered seven items. She would have had no reason to believe you wouldn't have caught being credited back for all the returned items. After returning to the store during the hour that followed, all the items you received credit for were still together by the counter. Customer Care did get management from that location involved and it was confirmed only seven items were returned.

    Your suggestion is that the clerk was either deliberate or incompetent at performing her task; that the items you had never been credited back suddenly disappeared prior to you returning to the location. And further that the Customer Care associate you spoke with was also deliberate or incompetent in performing his task. Or it is possible you were just mistaken as to the exact items you were returning to the store and that these other items were inadvertently misplaced. No one is claiming you are lying, only that mistakes are made and it is more likely than not a mistake on your part.

    Hopefully you'll take the time to retrace your steps on Saturday and determine where the other merchandise was lost or dropped.

    Thank you.

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