Advance Auto Partsemployee harassment


I have been an employee at advance for nearly 8 years. I have been harassed with slander and racism for the last 5 years. I was just written up for defending myself against sexist slurs. my gm is threatening my job with this. I may respect his words but he is unreliable as management. he is never on time, leaves on the clock for hours at a time, lets two other co-workers use the company vehicles to do personal errands. the one female driver was spotted at the local liquor store in the company vehicle and in uniform. I will no longer be punished for being to work early, staying late, and covering my gm's hours just so he can come in and just change his time to make it look ligit. he has even gone as far as to use another employees numbers to give himself a payout for fuel expenses. the fuel expense was unnecessary, a routine mpp could have made the delivery. he took his own vehicle and during delivery he went to a doctor appointment and went to lunch with family. he was gone approximently 4 hours. then returned and gave himself a fuel payout. I have been targeted as the blame for many things as of late that are not necessary. do not want to leave my job or be terminated. but i can no longer mentally handle the stress and mis-conduct. I have done my job as well as others for nearly 8 years. this store will eventually fail due to the management. this same gm has made this specific store lose 2 very important commercial accounts due to his temper and attitude. something needs to be done.


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    pete101 Jan 19, 2014

    Advance auto parts store in newburgh, ny, Did not honor, limited life time replacement warranty.I brought in my old brake pads, with my receipt, and the store manger did not want to replace them.He gave me excuses for not wanting to replace them.

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