Advance Auto Parts / E-Advanceservice provided by employee

Tc Oct 02, 2019

On Monday, 29 September 2019, my self and my mechanic went to your Randallstown location to purchase some items. We go there often and the daytime manager know us. We went to him for assistance but he was helping someone else. We went to the other employee at the other cash register. He did not greet us. We started telling what we wanted. My mechanic and I started talking at the same time, we realized it and stopped. My mechanic went in to tell him what we needed. Once my mechanic finished the employee said "only one of you are to talk at a time." His tone was very very negative. He kept that negativity throughout the entire transaction. As we was leaving I told the manager that his employee and a very negative attitude and is very rude. He apologized and said he would talk to him. Horrible service. I think I'm going to take my money and business to autozone from now on.

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