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Km Oct 09, 2019

I went in tonight to Auto Zone Here in Gladstone/Kansas City, MO. on Antioch about 7:15 pm and asked for a scan code to be done on my truck, the 1 woman of ONLY 2 women employees on duty told me that they needed ID, I said; I dont need to rent it, I just need a code scan done on my truck. She told me that auto zone cannot do it due to responsibility issues, and they cannot be responsible for reading, or help to read my codes on my truck.
I was just there less than a week ago, and had codes read by an employee, and I bought Spark plugs to try and remedy the problem. Now that I put in the plugs. I still seem to have problems, so I needed a code scan to see what comes up now.
I am a perks customer, and I see the only reason is: that they were woman auto zone workers not wanting to go outside and do it.
I think they should be FIRED! theres plenty of people looking for work that will do their job for them, since they dont want to do it!

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