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Adare's Boutique review: Can't get refund for items not shipped

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I have been a customer of Adare's Boutique since 11/2/ almost eight (8) years and EVERY order I have placed and received has had absolutely no issue until the dreaded order 22005 ordered on 3/8/23. Two pieces by Heydari were made to order so I understood that those two pieces may take a bit longer...I was even patient when the estimated ship time of two weeks (as stated on the website) after the last contact received form Adare's on 3/28/23 came and went, I started contacting Adare's on 4/21/23...6 emails and 4 phone calls later (not including the ones I hung up on after being transferred to the horrid voice mail of no return) I still have not been contacted by the infamous Kathleen, who as others have said, is always busy with another client...all I can say is LUCKY client! Now Rachel, who has identified herself as the Receptionist's Manager has promised she would personally walk the message over to Kathleen. You would think this sad, sad story would have taken a turn for the better after this promise, but no...

Please do not laugh when I tell you that on the ABOUT US section of the Adare's Boutique website, these are the words guaranteeing everyone fair access to the customer service that is deserving of all customers regardless of the business:

"Our pledge is to constantly offer the best Customer Service."

What a joke!

I read in Adare's responses to the complainants below where the customer has been blamed for the "bullying" of the receptionist, but it is frustration talking not bullying and it isn't the receptionist or the customer's fault, the fault falls squarely on the back of the owner, Kathleen is a public name on LinkedIn so don't blank it out!

All want is to part ways with this unscrupulous small business owner by receiving my refund of $294.12 without delay.

Vickie Tucker

Midland, Texas

Desired outcome: Get my refund for $294.12

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