ACE CAR Rental at Denver International Airport; ordered through Orbitzcustomer service/bait and switch - unethical corporate behavior

Su Nov 14, 2017 Aurora Colorado

November 10, November 13

First, after 20 minutes waiting for the shuttle van (others had already been waiting for 5 to 10 minutes), I called and was told that the vans only came every 45 minutes and I should wait another 20 minutes or so. Before I could finished my conversation, I was hung up on.

While I was contemplating whether to go in and try to find another rental company/car (it was Friday on a very busy football weekend) the shuttle showed up. If shuttles only leave every 45 minutes, I needed to be sure to return the car much earlier than needed)

I had ordered a full-size car from ACE. They had assigned me a Ford Focus which at best is a medium-sized car and since I was traveling with others, I required a full sized car. I own a recent year Ford Focus (not a great car to begin with, with small interior and trunk Space) and knew that it would not accommodate us let alone our luggage, walkers, etc. So I was forced to upgrade for "only $10 more". I essentially had no choice, even though I was initially given a smaller car than the one I had ordered. They downgraded me and then wanted more money to upgrade me. Unless they have warped concept of their cars, it was a scam.

Go to returning the car - there are 2 addresses on record, neither of which were on my GPS. I called to get directions when I was still at the hotel but was given incorrect/insufficient directions. Then after dropping off there others at the airport, I drove 15 minutes and not seeing the exit, I returned to the airport to call ACE again. After 15 minutes of talking with a rude, incompetent "Customer Service" agent who was in Florida, I asked to speak with someone else. I was transferred to voicemail. I was livid and no one ever called me back. After retrying the steps from I drove to the end of Pena Blvd and never saw the exit. I called back and another agent, Joshua (as I recall) settled me down and gave me directions, but if he had been local he would have been able to tell me the intricacies of the exit in the first place. I finally went to Budget Car Rental, where I met up with another lost ACE customer. We were not the first lost customers to grace their doors. She pointed in the direction of the Ace off-site parking and showed us the direction of the lot and showed us directions on her phone to the lot, which had incorrect street names. After stopping to ask again, I was able to find it. Meanwhile, I arrived at the airport just an hour before my flight took off. I made it to the gate and was one of the last people to board - and I have the expedited TSA-pre or I would never have made my flight. This adventure took me 2 hours round-trip to/from the airport (the actual trip should have taken just 15 minutes had I been given proper directions). ACE provided no map or instructions on returning the car to their obscure location.

When I got home, I received a bill for $12 more than my contract said. I have heard that my itemized bill will be sent in a few days. I have also heard (from locals) that I might be sent an exorbitant bill for the toll ways, which no one ever told me about, even though I told the agent at the desk where I was going. I will be writing another complaint, if necessary, once I receive the itemized bill.

Additionally, the daily rate for my car from ACE was about $10 more than my brother and sister paid for their Jeep and Mercedes cars (all SUVs) from other better known (and presumably more expensive) rental agencies.

Oh ya, and the Black Ford Explorer was filthy on the exterior and had a change oil sign when I checked it out. Car was quickly washed and the oil sign was turned off.

The whole experience was AWFUL. And I am still extremely upset and I have even waited a day to complain.

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