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I joined this forum to gain writing information and gain a community. What I found was a vindictive writing community and a heavy handed admin who bans people at the drop of a hat for whatever reason she deems fit that day. I believe she has a permanent case of pms. Avoid this forum at all costs. The aw admin is actually the sock for stone maccalister, the first pm you get when you join the forum. This person has been sued numerous times and there are even entire blogs and websites devoted to the forum. She will steal your ideas and so will the other writers. Avoid at all costs.

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Jun 01, 2017 5:40 pm EDT
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Agreed. Moderators who inflame tensions and often start them instead of actually "moderating." Bans for no rhyme or reason. I'm getting a lawyer, because I believe laws were broken and I've had enough of the bullying, hatred and heavy handed tactics.


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