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Absolute Write review: got banned for saying i'm a hostage... which I am.

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I was banned today on this website, a site that's premise is a writing community to help writers. Their main rule is RYFW (respect your fellow writer), which the moderators fail to do almost consistently, including in many of their forum "stickies" (posts designed to give you info and "the rules!").

I should have heeded my instincts when I first went to participate, and kept running into snide, nasty remarks in amongst all kinds of rules. The site is far from conducive to learning how to write, as you soon find you must tiptoe around and make sure you grovel for the "mods", who all run the site with threats and intimidation. I'm not sure what their deal is, but they all have a serious case of self-appointed tin-plated godliness, full of themselves and delusions of grandeur.

All this came about because of my complaint that the members are being held hostage, without being warned when they register, that you CANNOT delete your account and dissociate yourself from THEM. That was my sin...but it is the TRUTH. It's the only website I've ever been to where I cannot free myself, my name, any info they have, from their clutches. Is that legal? I don't want my name there...and they did NOT warn me ahead of time. Though that probably wouldn't matter, they violate their own petty rules all the time.

RYFW? They don't respect anyone...except maybe those dumb enough to go there and perhaps divulge something that THEY can use? I'm very suspicious of their motivations and intentions. They certainly don't help their members with their moderators' stalking, threats and nasty attitudes and comments. I'm glad they banned me...but how do I get my info away from them? Account deleted?

I include this, taken right from the site, written by the owner...concepts totally violated all over the site.
*** "We've always, first and foremost, used "respect your fellow writer" as our guiding principle. It's a really good one, in general. I absolutely believe in it. And we're not going to be making a bunch of rules and regulations to quote, because that's a whole can of worms with its own set of special problems.
It's really not complicated. Seriously. It means don't act like a jerk. You don't name-call, or bait, or sneer, or taunt, or generally be unpleasant to the people around you; at least, not if you want to stay here very long.
You'll notice, please, I'm also not demanding that anyone agree with my worldview. You don't have to. And you can absolutely debate and discuss and tell me you think I'm wrong, and why you think so -- PMs are usually more appropriate for that, but if it's a discussion that you honestly believe would benefit the community, I'm willing to have that discussion on the boards in public, too.
I'm not inclined to try and prevent people from thinking and believing whatever they're inclined to think and believe -- whether they're fanatic adherents to the use of the serial comma, or won't use any capital letters or commas at all. It would be a fool's errand, for one thing, and this would be a rather stagnant and boring community, for another.
Since I'm one of those people who would be quietly going away, if I kept my mouth shut about the stuff that really bothers me, or seems exclusive rather than inclusive, I have a vested interest in not letting that happen, here. "

All of this isn't worth the screen it's printed on...good thoughts, violated at every turn. They need to send a copy of this to every moderator, EVERY DAY!

Stay away from them, their cliques, and their treatment of the "peons." If anyone reading this has any advice for how to get my account totally deleted, please advise.

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Nov 05, 2013 1:12 am EST

Agree this is a site where the mods are cyber bullies


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