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A Jul 26, 2019


We're here to submit a bad complain about your lady handling tickets counter in Fes Airport, her name showing in tag HANANE.
she's humiliating the clients by not talking respect and not showing any help at all.
She didn't want to help the client like Agadir staff did with wide smile.
When we requested her boss, she said she's the only responsable there and she has the right to do whatever she wants meaning (you have nothing to do)
All this for the hand bag, the same we used from Agadir to fes smoothly but from fes back to Agadir she said you can't take it with you because it's big, if it was bigger than normal AGADIR staff wouldn't have let us take it.
And she's telling (you pay or miss your flight, not my business she said)
She's really not professional talking at all, using street words with clients.
We're sure this kind of behavior will not please you and your company's name.

We don't want to change this company because of some bad employees like this one, but we're complaining to you to correct this mistake before other clients and company name gets infected.

If you need more details we can provide it anytime.

Best regards

ticket counter responsable
ticket counter responsable

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