Abdul Latif Jameel IPR Company / ALJ.comsales representative - car order


I have made a request for the Lexus NX from the representative in Riyadh.

What they communicated to me is that it was available. Then they said it was sold out and that they made a request for it and awaiting the next shipment. I keep following up with them but they keep postponing and giving false promises. I made it clear to them from the start that i need a car asap and they said it will be provided.

This has been happening for over 10 weeks now and still i am waiting. This is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Lexus has always been about luxury and what i went through is the exact opposite.

I am very disappointed. I did not get the car nor was i able to find an alternative due to their false promises.

I hope that lexus takes my compliant seriously and an action is made.

Awaiting your feedback on this.


Oct 07, 2019

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