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i didn't recieve a reading--i didn't pay for anything, but i did give up personal info that could be used for identity theft

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  • Ni
    Nina Findlay Nov 30, 2008

    I paid for a reading and got nothing, I have tried contacting Blair via e-mail, but recieve no response BUYER BEWARE HE"S A SCAM ARTIST
    Hopefully I can save someone the trouble that I've been through. Good Luck out there.

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  • Lo
    longwhitecloud Apr 06, 2009

    I DID get a reading. Exactly what was promised. I guess it is whether you believe the information to be authentic or not. Upon reading the 100+ pages I received, it felt pretty accurate but who knows how we can read into whatever we receive. It is dis-heartening to hear of other people's misfortunes regarding Blair, and makes me skeptical about the material I received.

    The eNewsletters are computer generated. And will all have the same information. It is the comparing of actual readings which will determine how customised they are for each person and the validity of 'his' work. It seems to me, that there is a lot of material in the eNewsletters that are very detailed. A lot of work to set up a scam!

    If I were someone who hasn't received the email / reading I would CHECK MY JUNK FOLDER.

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  • Bl
    Blair May 20, 2009

    Hi, this *is* Blair.

    I'm very sorry you did not get your reading. The first thing I would advise to do is check your Junk Mail folder, since your computer may have mistakenly filed it there.

    If it's not that, then it's more than likely an issue of email deliverability. Some email address (e.g. Hotmail.com, earthlink.com addresses) occasionally bounce legitimate emails. Alternatively -- since the readings I prepare are hundreds of pages in total -- you may not have the available space if you're using some kind of webmail account.

    My advice: Sign up for a (free) email address at Gmail.com (Google's free email service). This virtually never fails. I have hundreds of happy clients, so I am saddened to see the word 'scam' when I do everything I possibly can to delivery reports on those very rare occasions when delivery problems occur.

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  • Ir
    irini koufou Apr 28, 2017

    @Blair Mr.Gorman I ordered a reading on October 25 2016 and I paid for it I mean with No 92045, and I don't receive it yet, can yoy please check it?

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  • Bl
    Blair May 20, 2009

    Hi, Blair here again.

    Oops ... a small error in my previous email. It is Comcast that sometimes rejects legitimate emails, not Earthlink. Sorry, Earthlink!

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  • So
    Soul-Kandy Sep 02, 2009

    I just sent in my request for a free numerology reading. Soon after Mr. Gorman sent me an e-mail letting me know that my report would be ready tomorrow. After I read an attachment he included explaining Numerology, an attachment I found very intelligently written & helpful, I decided to Google his name & find out more only to see several websites on his name with the word, 'scam' attached.
    Needless to say I'm confused. Should I be worried? He comes across to me as thoroughly legitimate & professional. I guess I'll find out soon enough. What a shame it is to see this. I can only hope it isn't true. There's so much hope in people like me truely seeking help & knowledge. There's so little in people on the Web to believe in it seems these days, and yet, on the other hand, it is true to say that there are honest & good people on the Web that are victims, themselves, of false rumors.
    "You can't unring a bell", my Mother would say. Now that the door has already been opened, I can only wish us all the best. ~~ Kandy

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  • Bl
    Blair Sep 02, 2009

    Hi Kandy,

    Please be assured this is *NOT* a scam.

    If you read the web pages that appeared in Google, you'll see they arose because a couple of people didn't receive their readings please read the note further up this page to see why). You'll also read that the problems were resolved.


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  • No
    No1's Fool26 Oct 06, 2009

    I'm currently subscribe with Blair Gorman, I don't think he's a scam because I don't send in money, his readings speaks to me... I will never give money that I don't have away

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  • Pa
    pay again Oct 10, 2009

    I paid for a reading for both my sons when they were born and have found the readings to be very accurate in every way I was very impressed and would pay for more in the future ! I guess you always get some people who are not happy and wish to voice their concerns, I have found in life those people seem to be the ones that complain about everything including how their steak was cooked in a restaurant.I am impressed with Mr.Gorman and have kept my sons readings for when they are older and understand and they will be amazed too.

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  • Ro
    Roscoe P Coltrain Oct 26, 2009


    Please spell check your documents. I have found many simple mistakes e.g. "umerology" for 'Numerology' and "n" for 'on'.

    I know many masters of Astrology and Numerology and you do seem genuine. That said, that is your craft, to seem genuine I mean, in the face of adversity.

    It is nice to see comments from both sides. I have many times made a special address for emailing of such things as reports where I do not fully trust the site... I feel it ads legitimacy. That said, you are still getting other info (more than likely good/true info) that could potentially get sold.

    Do I trust you? Not really. Which is why I searched for "Blair Gorman scam or not". I guess the bottom line is that you could always hire a lawyer and go after the original poster(s) for defamation.

    Good Luck,
    Roscoe P Coltrain

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  • Bl
    Blair Oct 27, 2009

    Hi Roscoe,

    Thank you for the feedback, I shall be sure to spell check things.

    I'd just like to add that any personal information I collect (e.g. dates of birth) are used for the *sole* purpose of generating a sample report. This information is never sold, rented, or otherwise divulged to any third party (and never will be).

    It's not my style to go after the original poster for defamation. I am sure she had the best of intentions. It was probably just of those 0.1% (or so) of cases where my email didn't get through.

    To anyone else that is wary or any online business: I make a lot of online purchases, and whenever you pay by credit card or Paypal, you're very well protected. If someone turns out to be a scam, you simply contact your credit card company, and they will reverse the charges.

    It's when a website *doesn't* accept credit cards, but only takes cash or Western Union, that you ought to be very cautious, since once the money is sent, there is very little recourse. (I unfortunately fell victim to such a thing some years ago).


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  • Bh
    BHING Nov 07, 2009

    I make two email add frome my self with a different birth date and name to find out is this realy real what i am reading?on the other side im verry happy with Blair i got all the mail from him in time, But what i find out im not verry happy because he is writting me same thing in my both mail address even i have different name and birth date??hm...make me thingking...im lucky i was not so fast to pay anything...
    if the other one has any expirience just be aware!!!

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  • Ty
    tylermohning Nov 10, 2009

    I paid for a full numerology report and recieved it but the information was completely innacurate and i was 100% not satisfied i also got a relationship report and the other person that was described also did not fit the bill at all. This was a completely computer generated report with no personal insight. Like he states on his web site he has a 100% percent money back guarantee if you are not completely blown away by what he has to say in his report, well good luck getting a refund if you aren not because he will not answer e-mails or refund the money. I was a believer of blair at first and didn't want to believe all the talks of him being a scammer but i fell for it and now im just another person regreting my choice and im out 67 dollars because of it. Beware Blair Gorman is a scam artist do not buy his products. Oh and if you read this "blair" you can contact me at [email protected] but im sure you won't because I know you already have my e-mail because I have wrote you at least 10 times with no response regarding my GUARANTEED refund.

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  • Nc
    NCS Customer Service Nov 10, 2009

    Tyler, you placed your order and received your reports within 24 hours.

    Date: 10 November 2009 6:25:52 AM NZDT

    Subject: Wheres my Guaranteed refund?
    Date: 10 November 2009 10:07:03 PM NZDT

    Subject: RE: Numerologist.com order confirmation (NGIST-166004/LYEYGBXC)
    Date: 10 November 2009 11:26:00 PM NZDT
    I want a refund it was guaranteed on your website and i am fully not satisfied

    Subject: Re: Wheres my Guaranteed refund?
    Date: 11 November 2009 11:37:32 AM NZDT

    Subject: i wont stop
    Date: 11 November 2009 10:29:42 AM NZDT
    Im not going to stop associating your name with the word scammer and telling people not to buy your products until you give me my refund. If you do give it to me i will state that in the blogs as well. Im really getting frustrated now and my postings are only goingto get worse i have just report you on 123 astrology. If you would have just gave me my refund this would not be so but no you are obviously a scammer and have no genuine interest in helping people and i will let this be known

    Subject: I reported you on rip-off
    Date: 11 November 2009 12:10:50 AM NZDT

    I find your actions mystifying. As anyone can see from your constant tirade - I barely had time to receive your emails and take action (request a refund from clickbank) before you started blackening my name all over the internet.

    I understand you are young and impulsive. I see also it was not your name on the credit card that was used for payment. Here is some valuable advice for you.
    1. Always allow 72 hours for a response to an email. This allows for different time zones.
    2.You can then send a courtesy email asking why you have not had a response. When you send multiple emails they usually end up in the receivers spam folder
    Remember tyler your email is probable not the only email being received by another person.
    3. When you make payment using a credit card or clickbank - you are allowed as the credit card holder to request a refund directly from clickbank or your credit card provider.
    If you ever get a credit card you will now know this in advance. In fact clickbank send the credit card holder an email that has a link which enables you to request a refund directly. Ask the credit card holder about this email.
    Remember if you make multiple purchases from online businesses with your credit card and refund multiple purchases you can be blacklisted as a repeat refunder.

    Always remember - You get further with sugar than you do with vinegar

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  • Nc
    NCS Customer Service Nov 10, 2009

    Bhing, When you confirmed your 2 separate email addresses you will have received the same email course. This is the same course that is sent free to anyone who asks for a sample Numerology report. You will never receive the same report as this is simply not possible.

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  • To
    Tony L Nov 20, 2009

    On the website that I was given a link to by Blair in an email I noticed that there are two IDENTICAL testimonials but each stating to be from two different people. (-1)

    It immediately made me aware that the testimonials are SELF-GENERATED.

    I continued to purchase the report/chart, as I was eager to see how true his report would be. I have yet to read it, as I only got it today.

    I did send him a reply email to his free reading email, but he did not bother to reply. (-1)

    I have also noticed that the report has the copyright trademark of "A Decoz Numerology Chart Analysis" and I Googled it only to find that the reports/charts are computer program-generated and therefore not personally written or researched. (-1) Anyone can buy this computer program here: http://www.decoz.com/numerology_software_individual-rw.htm

    I will not now even bother to waste my time reading the report as it is most likely to be the case that some parts will sound true, whilst others will not.

    It is a fact that such a vast array of outcomes in the reports/charts will most definitely sound real, as most of us will have experienced these situations at some stage of our lives and therefore could appear to be a genuine reading.

    I am not impressed and am totally fed up of all the garbage being thrown at people like us who are vulnerable to the vultures.

    Watch out people, as the Internet has truly become a shark infested digital ocean.


    I will request a refund from Clickbank.com and let them know my reasons.

    Clickbank does not care one bit, as all they're interested in is making money. I have proven to them in the past and made them aware of the scams being sold through them and yet they still do business with them. This ought to tell you what is important to them and 99% of Internet Marketers.

    They thrive on the needs and desperation of honest people looking for a way forward by grabbing the pennies from the poor!

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  • Re
    ReidErickson Nov 22, 2009

    Wow. I was unaware there would be so much controversy. My question is who the hell would pay 60+ Dollars before doing any type of research on Blair or Numerologist.com. Honestly Blair, "P.S. I’m at my computer waiting for your response. Please don’t hesitate. Order now before it’s too late. If you close this webpage before ordering today, my computer will notify me of that and, I’ll move on to other people’s readings and your offer will expire. " Who's going to believe that?
    What Blair does, while not completely legitimate, ISNT a scam. He does provide a service, and its exactly what he promises.

    But anyway: Blair, can I please get a free reading since you are so interested in me? I am broke and am very intrigued.
    my email is [email protected]
    Im sure you remember me, since you were so interested.

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  • To
    Tony B K Nov 23, 2009

    Here are the testimonials that are on my "special" offer website from Blair Gorman:

    “So accurate it’s scary!”

    “Your astonishingly accurate reading confirms exactly what has been going on and evolving in my life. From facts about my early childhood to my current situation, your reading is so accurate it’s scary!”

    -Susan Maurath, USA


    “You gave me strength and courage!”

    “Your astonishingly accurate reading confirms exactly what has been going on and evolving in my life. From facts about my early childhood to my current situation, your reading is so accurate it’s scary!

    -Carmen Vela, Quebec, Canada


    Don't you find it a strange coincidence that these two people have BOTH written the EXACT same testimonial?

    What are the odds of that ever happening? Zero!

    It proves to me that he is generating his own testimonials and that he is in fact a SCAMMER - Lowlife!

    Further research has produced even more negative reports about Blair Gorman.

    Do yourselves a massive favour and give him a wide birth. He feeds off of the needs and desires of decent people who are only searching for help in their lives.

    People like this should be banned for doing business on the Internet. They are ###!

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  • Bl
    Blair Nov 25, 2009

    Oh dear ... the witch-hunters are out today!

    Tony B K, it obviously has not occurred to you that there could be an innocent explanation for this.

    If you've ever put together a website, the easiest way to reproduce a graphical part of the website is to copy-and-paste it, then change the text within it.

    This is exactly what I did ..

    Here is Carmen's actual testimonial (from quite some time ago), which obviously I obviously made an error when pasting ...


    Thank you so... much for doing a whole new reading for me, I really, really, appreciate it.

    You've helped me so much, to really see who I am. You're wonderful and really helpful.

    You've given me the strength and courage to work on being more assertive and to take more chances and action when necessary, because I tend to stay quiet and low-key for fear of rejection and failure, therefore my approach is quite conservative.

    Your words have come at a perfect time in my life, the people who have reached out to you are very fortunate, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have a personal reading from you.

    Again thank you so much!, keep helping people the way you do, it's the greatest thing in the world!

    Have a great day!


    You'll notice that the "You Gave Me Strength and Courage" phrase was copied across as it should have been, just not the remaining testimonial. My mistake, I'll admit.

    The only reason I am not posting her full email headers etc (which would act as proof) is to maintain her privacy.

    For what it's worth, people go to prison for generating fake testimonials, as it amounts to fraud.

    Even if I didn't have the *hundreds* of legitimate testimonials received from happy clients, rest assured I would not do such a stupid thing!

    It would have been a lot nicer to point out this innocent error to me directly, before publicly making such false accusations.


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  • Ma
    marathonmilk Nov 26, 2009

    I enjoy Blair's emails in my inbox, and have considered getting a reading done when I have the money.

    I searched for 'Blair Gorman Scam' and found this and was delighted to find it was very recent.

    I appreciate you may have had some problems with testimonials and reading delivery among other problems, however my concern is with your use of 'Decoz' as mentioned in the above post. I understand that computers produce very good readings, and their results are very good and accurate, however your website says 'I will prepare your report', 'I am sitting beside my computer waiting for your response' and while you don't appear to say anywhere it is hand done, this is implied right across the website.

    I emailed you before about this, and I didn't get a response?

    So my two questions then are is it a computer reading, and if it's the Decoz computer app, why should I buy your reading over purchasing the app itself which is a little bit more, but probably better value in the long run?


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  • Re
    ReidErickson Dec 01, 2009

    "Hi there Reid,
    I'm sitting here by my computer still waiting for your response to my last email. I'm wondering if you received it, it's a very important email. Here is what I wrote to you: I've been looking over some of the numerology readings I've recently done and I couldn't help but notice that you were born on April 19, 1986. That's very interesting! In fact, if this is your correct birth date, there is something I have to get off my chest before I explode! Click here now to find out more:
    What You Must Know About Your Near Future
    If You Were Born On April 19, 1986!
    Sincerely, Blair Gorman Numerologist.com P.S. I also have something very special to send you. Click on the link immediately.

    14525 SW Millikan Way # 28110
    Beaverton, OR 97005-2343 USA"

    Mark, the waiting by the computer isnt real, unless thats all he does, and we are just two remarkable people.

    Blair im still waiting for my reading...

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  • Nf
    nfeniti Dec 11, 2009

    I received a report from Blair and it was accurate. No, he is not God but it gave me good insight and help me through a very difficult time in my life. Sometimes people want the truth but when they get the truth, they can't accept it. Blair Thank you!

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  • Gi
    gillesIL Dec 19, 2009


    I'm really not much into Numerology, but I think Blair's attitude is quite honest, even though there are some cons.

    Before checking his offer, I had a "real" numerologist prepare a report for me. By real, I mean that I met the guy in person, paid and I received a report that was quite interesting. The report does not cover exactly the same areas as Blair's, however

    1- the free Blair's report gives figures that are exactly the same as the "real numerologist'". Therefore, the calculations are correct. OK, it's not even college-level math, but still.

    2- the free Blair's report gives a quite interesting insight. It's probably more about who I am now, than what is my life path (that is what the "real numerologist" gave me) but I guess this part would be in the complete report.

    3- Blair replies here and on [redacted] (/URL removed/). Scammers don't reply. Never. So there is a real man behind this business, and he pays attention to what his customers say, wich means he understands how the internet works.

    Now for the con's :

    - the reports are obviously computer-generated. I have no issue with this, however it's simply not quite honest to say "I'm here at my computer waiting for you" etc as some other guy pointed out. Also, this "winning lotto number" stuff and "10 free books, face value of $ xxxx is simply BS. I think this is not professional, makes Blair's offer look like a ripoff indeed. Balir, you'd probably have more customers if you did not do that, because it looks too much like a scam.

    So basically with such an attitude you are trying to get naive people to buy your stuff. Really I don't like the idea.

    About computer, it appears that Blair is using Decoz Professional. There is a review on http://www.allnumerology.com/Resources.htm
    wich is quite positive. Apparently this software is quite good... for a software.

    The Pro edition, which Blair is probably using, costs $ 399 according to http://www.decoz.com/numerology-proVersusStandard2.htm

    Therefore, the average user is paying $ 69 a report. It's true that after 6 customers the software will have paid for itselft, but unless you are willing to pay $ 399, or have more than 6 people you can prepare the report for, it's cheaper to use Blair's service.

    So where exactly is the rip-off ? Nowhere. Blair's business is legitimate, although his marketing copy is fallacious.

    Now for the refund e-mail problem, Blair I suggest you put an auto-responder "we have received your email and will process it within 72 hours". That would have been a good way to avoid all problems :)

    My 2 cents

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  • Go
    Goldendisciple13 Jan 22, 2010

    I must say I have had two readings personally by people who are truely gifted, but I felt there was always more to the story and felt I must continue searching. The free reading I have read from Blair was mind blowing and defied logic. It is 100% accurate. Sure I didnt fall for the I'm special so he's offering a $67 report becasue he's very interesting in my reading, but to say the least I am impressed and dumbfounded. There's no way MY report was a fake or distinguishable from someone else's.
    I am a believer in Christ, but I keep my mind open and will open doors as long as God is with me for the journey. Thanks Blair computer generated or not!

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  • Re
    ReidErickson Jan 26, 2010

    I think it's safe to say Blair is legitimate. NOT A SCAM. Giles is right though, the way he goes about the whole waiting by the computer because your so interesting throws off your regular skeptic, and really just anyone who is of normal intellegence. Blair (assuming you still read this), you really should take what Giles and the others have said into consideration. You should also give us free reports for all out feedback and back up. XD

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  • Kiwidolphin Jan 30, 2010

    This is most definitely not a scam. "Check your Spam box and learn how to whitelist email addresses!" is the crux of the matter. Gosh, could that really be so difficult to understand?

    When I was considering Blair Gorman's offer of a free reading, I noticed the scam accusations. So I checked it out first and arrived here. Seeing Blair post responses was reassuring.

    Next, I signed up for the free reading. I received the free e-book first. Seeing Blair's photo and reading his writing convinced me he is a warm person with a good sense of humor and a huge passion for numerology.

    The free reading (Life Path, Expression Number and Soul Urge) blew me away. I've had lots of readings in lots of different modalities -- astrology, graphology, numerology, tarot cards, etc. -- but none that helped me understand myself in certain key areas the way this one did. It actually dissolved regret, guilt and shame for things from my past that I had thought were horrible mistakes.

    I then ordered the full reading with complete confidence. I received that last night (158 pages), along with an optional free relationship reading (82 pages). It's going to take me a while to work through it!

    As for whether Blair Gorman prepares these by hand or uses software: Would you really expect such a comprehensive report for $67 if the numerologist prepared it by hand? That would not even be a practical use of his time. His passion for numerology is above reproach, and I believe that influences how he offers his service.

    For instance, I obtained a free reading at another numerology site the same day. I then received a follow-up email that used the personal info from my numbers to try to scare me into buying her service. Blair does not use the personal info from your numbers for that kind of sales persuasion. Instead, he says:

    "I kid you not ... people have both laughed out loud and cried tears of joy when they identify with characteristics they have never shared with a single soul ... when they realize the reason for the struggles they have been going through ... when they learn about the gifts they have in this life that just needed to be pointed out to them."

    This was certainly the effect his free reading had on me. I didn't cry, but did I run through the house shouting to my husband that I finally understood how much it was OK that I had done or experienced X, Y and Z.

    Blair does use some of the typical sales letter language and tactics to try to get you to buy. I have a lot of experience with sales letters, from both ends of the spectrum (as a consumer and as someone who once took a training course on how to write them), and I can tell you that Blair does this with a light touch. His sales pitch is relatively harmless.

    I do wish the sales letter (started by the advertising world and worked up to an "art form" in their opinion) would transition to something less manipulative. Meanwhile, Blair Gorman uses that format with more sensitivity than some.

    This is not the first time I've seen people who are providing legitimate services scapegoated online as being scam artists. It has become all too common these days. Some consumers may do it for the sheer bad mischief of feeling they have that power over others -- but some appear to do it because they expect to be cheated. Naturally, anyone is free to hold this attitude if they wish . . . but keep in mind that you will most certainly receive experiences that support your belief.

    In summary: If this was 1990, I could understand there being many people who don't understand the finer points of email and ordering online. But info IS (and has been for some years) freely available on the Internet that teaches how to "whitelist" email addresses. If the person placing the order doesn't even think of checking the Spam box before firing off volleys of accusations, then perhaps that consumer should get some basic lessons on how to use the Internet before placing orders online.

    We are all responsible for our own experiences in life. Act like a victim and that's what the Universe will give you. (Speaking as one who went through tons of upheaval to learn that lesson herself. Believe me, taking responsibility for your own feelings and experiences is far more pleasant in the long run.)

    Blair could also update his ordering pages (or make it more prominent) to remind people how to whitelist his email address.

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  • To
    Toolchick Feb 08, 2010

    I applied for a free reading and you can admit that the most applicants would be female. I was almost at that time divorced, but in the advice I received from Blaire I found a real person telling me in down right bluntness what a man actually see's and how we ladies percieve it. I applied what he said and I have to tell you my relationship changed, it was favorable. I at no time ever sent any money, he offered a great e-course and I payed "attention" not money. I calculated for myself everything accordingly and it was really odd how if properly done could be so accurate. I don't think that any of us can argue we all need answere's, I think the surety of numbers measured with the reality of karma (ie: what comes around, goes around goes around) effect, "Blair" says it straight up. He showed me that the bad ### was doing it's usual cycle and the door of opportunity knocks on several frames we just have to be at the right window..

    Thanks Blare

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  • He
    Heather-o Feb 09, 2010

    I feel that TRUST is heavily weighed by our perception of INTEGRITY. Blair unfortunately, has made people question his.

    Blair, what is written in your chart that suggests how you can create harmony? If you are scamming folks under the guise of "bringing harmony to one's life", for shame! If you're legitimately providing an integral service to help folks, then find your integrity muscle and exercise it.

    I know first hand how one or two people can influence a (tsunami) ripple out over the internet and as one person mentioned "once you ring a bell, you can't take it back". All we can do is strive to exhibit integrity and honesty.

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  • Bl
    Blair Feb 24, 2010

    I thank you for your words Kiwidolphin (and all the others who have left positive feedback about me here).

    One of the problems with a board like this is it is going to have an extreme negative bias: the 99% who are happy are never heard from, but the 1% (actually much less than this) who do not receive their email for whatever reason are going to me much more inclined to vent.

    I've felt like this myself sometimes ... I've been to a great restaurant, enjoyed the food, wine and company, and I happily teeter off to bed afterwards. But on other occasions I have had disgraceful restaurant experiences, and part of me has wanted to vent online. I am glad I never have though. (I guess that's something to remember when reading restaurant review sites ... those too will probably paint a much dimmer view than is the reality).

    I am therefore very pleased to see people posting their positive experiences here.

    Kiwidolphin, I would be genuinely interested in how you think I can improve my salesletter. As you have correctly determined, my passion is numerology, and I will openly admit that writing a salesletter is a much harder thing for me (I actually had outside help with my salesletter, which may or may not have been a good idea).

    Thanks once again ...

    Your in numbers,

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  • Ju
    just1personhere Feb 26, 2010

    they say its better to be safe than sorry. Having read this entire series of for's and against's, I think its better to meet with a numerologist face to face to get your reading. There are alot of card sharks out there on the net, alot of scams, so you have to be be overly cautious. Its a shame. I thank blair for the free readings and the response to my e-mail questioning his integrity. He asked me to refer to his responses to his accusations and I can see he has made the effort to prove he is a stand up guy. however, as warming as it is to hear of the positive reviews regarding his readings, the negative cannot go unheard. all the best

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  • Ca
    caspergirl Mar 09, 2010

    I am anxiously waiting for my report, I ordered it last night. :) I am hoping you are real Blair, you do seem genuine. I hope your reading can teach me more about myself, and give me the answers I have been searching for!!! Thank you.

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  • Re
    RevaP Mar 11, 2010

    I would just like to know if his numerology system is so phenomenal why does he have to charge for it? It should work phenomenally for him too, right?

    Why not just share it free of charge?

    This reminds me of the guy that publishes his book on How To Make A Million Dollars, and then he makes a million dollars off the people who buy it?

    Do you really want to improve your life? Use the system. Find people's weaknesses and exploit them with a Cure All, Self Help, book. Or, hey! Learn the tarot, astrology, numerology! You can pull the same scam that Blair's pulling.

    Sorry, Blair.

    The info seemed cool, but the endless, sensationalized hard sell turned me off. (And personally I think it tarnishes your credibility. Try a softer, more humble approach.)

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  • Re
    Rev. JD Mar 19, 2010

    If Blair's services were all a big scam, he would not have replied to any accusations thrown his way.
    I agree with some that the marketing style makes people suspicious, but that is the only concern I have towards this.

    Also I agree that using a program that generates these emails is not scam, but common sense. Do the math, please. Typing does cost time.

    I am a minister myself, and have to admit that even in religion sales techniques are being used. They are being used by any endeavor to 'win souls'. This is not something that is against the principals of religion.

    I will not order a full reading, since my job does not make me much money, but otherwise I would have.

    And for those mouthing off about these "occult" practices: The Hebrews have used the basic principals of numerology for centuries (Kabbalah, or is that occult now too?) And the bible is filled with numerology. Starting with the very first verse.

    Even though there are many tricks applied to the marketing deriving from NLP, I'd have to say I find Mr. Blair a nicer ' leader ' than many church bound leaders. And that includes myself.

    0 Votes
  • St
    stan333 Mar 20, 2010

    i waited and waited for that spical e-mail and nothing turned up then 3 days later i got an emial saying exactly the same thing as 1 week ago saying "Please don’t hesitate. Order now before it’s too late. If you close this webpage before ordering today, my computer will notify me of that and, I’ll move on to other people’s readings and your offer will expire" ha ha i already payed once i mean why pay again that is just sick and i did get come programs which blair can stick where the sun dont shine as far as i am concerned because you can find the exact same programmes here http://www.decoz.com/numerology_software_individual-rw.htm
    i fell for this scam but atleast i do have my £55GBP coming back thank lord cause i anit rich i am typing this up on an 8 year old pc and cant afford a new one i can just about afford my phone bill every month.

    and blair if you are reading this messege i want an explination on why you scammed me my email is
    [email protected] oh i forgot if i was so important you should remember me

    -1 Votes
  • Bo
    Boudewijn Thomas Apr 04, 2010

    For whom it may concern(seems like everybody here)

    I did get my numerology reading tonight, approx. 24 hours after my request.
    I also live in Norway, so I guess that means he do works fast.
    See myself as openminded with a healthy suspiscion so a free reading was tempting, but I knew that eventually the question of any payment for further readings and/or some type of feel-good-books like "Get rich tomorrow!", "Become perfect today", "Get laid tonight!" etc. would soon pop up.
    Sure did.
    But what baffled me was how inaccurate this reading was!
    Nothing matched, almost like the opposite of who I am. And I was really looking forward to this.
    The numbers described me as a "shallow" person with a tough leadership-style, money-hunting and a natural social point of interrest. Complex and unreliable.
    Off course, a lot more razzledazzle in a positive way but still.
    Wow. I felt a bit sad actually.
    I work at a funeral-home, I'm an art lover, and a bit of a daydreamer. I don't like big crowded parties and surely not beeing the point of attention.
    So I guess, even if you want to believe so strong, take everything with a pinch of salt.
    I will not be buying this "incredible scary accurate once in a lifetime" offer. Heh, heh. But nice try.

    Boudewijn Thomas, Norway

    1 Votes
  • Le
    Leannimal Apr 05, 2010

    I've received my free reading with no problems at all, in fact I find it very accurate. However, the hard-sell made me suspicious and brought me here with a simple google search. I'm actually relieved that Blair answers to a lot of these complaints and I may still buy this report (when I have a little extra cash) computer generated or not.

    0 Votes
  • No
    No1's Fool26 Apr 05, 2010

    Hey my CB fam... Ok so I agree with some of u to an extent. I to received my free report from Blair, it was accurate but I wasn't about to shell out $69 .. I did a search 4 Blair and I didn't find any [redacted] on him... Numerology isn't that hard it's all about adding and subtracting.. I would've gladly pay the fee but I wasn't working and I'm a bit of a skeptic... Blair also told me I was speciall & unique but I felt pressured into paying the money I don't like to be pushed.. I don't think blairs a con artist I just think his advertising methods may make him seem like that... I do think he's real and genuine... Other then the $69 what more do you have to lose? If you do decide to use blairs services use paypal it's safer and you have a better chance of receiving a refund..

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    caprice12 May 07, 2010

    I recently found Blair and after reading through most of the responses to his service, I've decided to purchase a full reading from him. I'm doing this( not because of what you all are saying here) but because I feel that he is genuine! How many people do you know would care enough to respond to all these negative comments? I know this is his livelihood, but he cares what is being said enough to personally respond, and to me that says he has love and compassion for people. I will say to you Blair that all the books are a turn-off but you keep doing your thing. You are never going to please everyone no matter what you do; it's just that kind of world. I respect you and I am proud of you. If you really want to get ripped off people, do business with Tara the Visionary, now there's a piece of work!


    0 Votes
  • Am
    A Man Called Peter May 09, 2010

    Wow! I have found this blog site absolutely fascinating. I met Blair Gorman some years ago. He is tall, smiles a lot and I found he comes from a decent family background. How do I know this? Because I am the one who Blair met at the Fair in his home town that caused Blair to go into researching everything he could on Numerology, I am the man called Peter.

    I did not come to know Blair personally for many years. He occasionally met me when I used to do the rounds at some of the festivals and attended some of my public seminars discussing Numerology. Numerology is an exact science, have no doubt about that. A true Numerologist can see into the distant future just as easily as they can see into the past for any individual.

    I have used Numerology to assist people overcome problems with health, relationships, business, children, ADHD and similarly related challenges, worked with politicians, lawyers, doctors, court appointed psychologists and even been on several television series as the lead Profiler.
    Blair Gorman has a bigger Numerology Library than any person I have ever met in this line of work. I have met some "born again" Numerologists that I would give a wide berth to, and others who are thirsty to learn.

    Blair is a genuine university graduate and has a big heart - probably too big at times for his own good. And it is worth noting, that the amount of people around the world who respond to his and other sites like it are in the millions. So some automation is necessary just as a community doctors surgery or hospital has more than one doctor or nurse to help the many patients under their care, as one doctor will not do. Computers are obedient servants and help with the work load.

    My work spans 3 decades with the research into the field of Numerology. Prior to that I studied for years with my interests in what makes people tick. I believe I have found the answer and it has to do with Psychology, the conditioning of the human hard drive (brain), the environment a person is brought up in and the educators who help or hinder any young school attendee. I have a background in the electrical field, was a senior ambulance officer and was at one time a soldier in the New Zealand army.

    With respect to Blair Gorman and Hanz Decoz and people like them, they have discovered something they want to share to the world. If information is given freely to the masses who respond to their work, it has little or no value to the subconscious mind. Therefore the initial taster has to be dressed enough to encourage you to dig further so you can decide to take the lollies and spend in every respect, the same you may pay for a restaurant meal for a Numerology Profile; I am not referring to a Big Mac meal either.

    I have recently bumped into Blair. There may be some exciting developments in the near future, information and an evolution with an age old science that really needs a global up-date. And a word for "Rev JD" above, Genesis 17:5 and revelation 13:18 and last also the last verse in the New Jerusalem are really great references to this very old and accepted science.

    So if you would just hold on a little longer, a new frontier of Numerology is about to hit the world. One that is in sync with Numerology but has well over 100, 000 case studies to support with a UNIQUE set of tools and software that will accommodate those that are not acute, unmoving skeptics and will be backed with undeniable proof.

    A Man called Peter

    1 Votes
  • La
    lannystutes May 13, 2010

    iwant to order

    0 Votes
  • 78
    7-8-22 May 21, 2010

    I got the free reading and continous letters. Im not surprised Blair Gordon is considered a scam. Anyone who sells such materials wether they be religious, meta-physical or whatever is kind of scams nowadays. To some extent its in the eye of the beholder. If i however Order things (the report or some of the books) and recieve them its not really a scam is it?

    Im a total gnostic so i dont really believe in any of these things. However they cant be so easily disproved. The reports i recieved from Blair was RIGHT ON! At first glance i tough, wow, bullseye. It felt very personal and accurate even tho I could clearly tell that even personalized the emails where computer generated. But You cant really expect someone to send a handwritten personalised letter to each and every one who wants their reading.

    The mails, even tho they are generated are good and very informational. If Blair is scamming people hes the freaking master. And if he can put so much love and effort into scamming people im sure he knows his numerology very good too. Hes obviously an intelligent person it would be a waste not to know your trade so to say.

    I dont care if its a scam. I liked the free readings i got they made me happy xD
    I wont however order anything (sorry Blair) Ill just wiki some ancient text and read them out loud.

    0 Votes

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