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Norton Complaints & Reviews

Norton / Antivirus Auto Renew

Reviewer18721 on 2015-12-11
Have not used this product in over two years. Saw charge on my credit card. Called Norton to remove the charge. Customer Service rep verified no activity on my account since 9/2013 (today is 12/11/2015), stated sent auto renew notice to an email that I shut down well over a year ago, yet...

Norton / Damages

Patricia Hope on 2015-12-06
I can not give a photo of the damage that has been done since my computer technicians down loaded the Norton 360. I had micro soft essentials on my computer & never had any major problems. After being told by my technician that there were viruses that the micro soft essential...

Norton / 360 Premier Edition Software

Honest Man Too on 2015-11-15
Firstly, having registered with you, I'd like to comment on your name "Complaints Board" and ask who you represent. However, my reason for doing so, was that 'somehow' I found that you have Systweak listed as having been complained about, and I happen to have their main...

Buycheapsoftware.co.uk / Norton 360

garyf1234 on 2015-11-05
I purchased norotn 360 on 25/10/15, I received the software link and installed then entered the product key provided which didnt work. I emailed buycheapsoftware and received a reply 2 days later telling me to download from a different link then enter the same product key which still didnt...

Norton / Internet security

Reviewer62429 on 2015-10-19
Case reference number: 24392401 Miss pamela ann jones The complaint is: Norton took just under £50 from my bank on12th July, unauthorised by me. I had some serious disruptive issues with my Norton antivirus after an update on your system earlier this year when I was still living in the uk...

Norton / Auto renewal - cancellation

Reviewer21065 on 2015-10-13
My order nr. NP228658847 dated 13 July '14 in £49.99 Name : Mrs. Christine Smith, address 33 Oak Close, Thetford IP24 3EZ. I am complaining about automatic renewal of Norton virus because very small print that I didn't realise that it will be automatically renew every year. It'...

Norton - Mississippi, Biloxi / Unauthorized charge

Reviewer56866 on 2015-09-23
I loaded this product onto my computer when I bought it and immediately got a virus. The company charged me $100 to remove the virus they were supposed to prevent. They could not explain how that was legal but I needed my computer back so I paid it. A year later right when they started...

Norton / Unauthorized charge

Andrew Mulcahy on 2015-09-19
Several years ago i left Norton after being essentially double billed. (Receive repeated warnings to reapply or lose protection, signed up--next day my Visa card showed you had charged me over three weeks earlier re an annual top up. Attempts to get a refund for bogus software failed) As a...

Norton / Symantec - - 360 / I have through xfinity comcast

Reviewer80668 on 2015-08-14
On July 21, I order Norton np1156203642 for 43.99. I was contacted by xfinity.comcast explaining that symantec 360 was provided with my internet service. Therefore, on 8/8, I contacted norton requesting a refund. Confirmation 39dff was sent to me. I haven't received my refund. I...

Norton Internet Security / Refund

Prasanna333 on 2015-07-22
I renewed my internet security Norton product on 5/25/2015 order no NP235060103 and the product installed duly and a fee of USD 59.99 was charged from me..Recently I bought a new HP printer as it was not printing, i took my lap top to the vendor and the computer was reformatted to...

Norton 360 / Service Agent Gave Out Personal Information

MakeWashingtonWork on 2015-06-17
I have been receiving numerous emails from a company sending SPAM email. In the past I have used the Norton Antispam system that comes with Norton 360 to place it in the SPAM folder. On Monday February 16, 2015, I received another email from this same SPAM sender that ended up in the...

Norton 360 Premier Edition / Loss of service on 1 of 3 Computers

Michael Tangye on 2015-06-01
We had an annual Automatic Renewal on 16 January 2015 for three computers which was successful and cost £69.99. My Norton Billing info:- Name M J TANGYE, Product Serial Number WX4KFWH38XFP This week on one of the computers Norton instructed us to delete all of the Norton program...

Norton by Symantec - Queensland, Townsville / requesting refund

Cathy Acton on 2015-05-21
My computer was serviced yesterday and I found that I have not been protected with Norton for over twelve months. On 28 March Norton took payment of AUD $99.99 from my credit card. I would like a refund for this amount. That credit card will be cancelled.

Norton Home Loans / They didn’t provide loans and impossible to contact them now

Hunt on 2015-03-10
The situation was typical. I applied for the loan through the company Norton Home Loans. I was really happy that they have confirmed my application. The rep contacted me and sounded as a professional. I transferred money for the first payment and waited for the loan, but after several day...

Norton Anti-Virus Program / Unwanted Renewal

Johannes Kohl on 2015-02-22
On February 21, 2015 I received by e-mail notification that I was automatically enrolled for another year for NORTON computer security protection on my home computer. Meanwhile my new arrangements for yearly renewal are effected by my service-agent Mr. Wolf-Dieter Zweigler/ wolf@womi.com...

Norton 360 Multi - Device / being scammed by them

Betty Klinger on 2014-08-18
In October 2013 i purchased the Norton360 Multi-Device from Walmart to protect my. New laptop. I installed it at that time I w. given a set of phone numbers 1-888-532-7410 as my Norton service number. At that time I called and was sold a years worth of 24/7 protection for my computer for...

Norton Anti - Virus / charged for Norton Anti-Virus program

Tracey Metcalf on 2014-07-07
I, Tracey Ann Mettcalf & AC Metcalf have been charged for a Norton Anti-Virus Program. I have not subscribed to this for some years. As I operated a MAC, there is no need for anti-virus software as Apple operates there own. Please credit our account to the visa number you charged in the...

Norton 360 / Un warranted service call

James R2014 on 2014-04-24
After reviewing most of the complaints (which seemed a little dated) I found that the compliants mirrored my situation. I went on to Norton's website for customer service and was referred to the iYogi company (apparently outsouced to some place in India). Although the contact person wa...

Norton 360 / незаконное снятие средств

У меня С КРЕДИТНОЙ КАРТЫ! сняли Деньги в вышеуказанной компании за нортон 360-без всякого предупреждения просто "залезли" в мою кредитную карту!!! Что за НАВЯЗЫВАНИЕ УСЛУГ КОТОРЫЕ МНЕ НЕ НУЖНЫ. 'ЭТИ ДЕНЬГИ МНЕ НУЖНЫ НА ОПЕРАЦИЮ Я И ТАК НЕ МОГУ СОБРАТЬ НУЖНУЮ СУММУ!!! ПРОШУ ОТПИСАТЬ МЕНЯ ОТ...

Symantec / Norton 360 - California, Palm Springs / Removal of Norton 360 Damaged My Files

Gicomeng on 2014-03-21
I was running McAfee SW on Windows 7 that came with my Lenovo computer and it was starting to become sluggish after two years. I have been working on writing a book and was storing my files there. A few weeks ago I was getting to the point where I was engaging in tedious research and...

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