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Trend Micro Complaints & Reviews

Trend Micro / Unauthorized Billing

Reviewer11114 on 2016-02-18
If you are reading this, it is likely that your personal information, including a credit card number, have been hacked. The only effective things at this point are to call your credit card company and block all future charges from Trend Micro. No matter the inconvenience, request a new...

Dri*trend Micro - Minnesota, Minnetonka / unauthorized credit card chg

linrow on 2015-12-15
We discontinued our service with them last year. then in Dec. billing came out for new year, it is on my American express bill again. This was not authorized. We already have a new virus protector. We need help with this. We are being charged 38.47. Thanks David and Vicky

Dritrend Micro - Minnesota, Minnetonka / Unsure???

Reviewer55398 on 2015-09-26
To whom it may concern. This company took an unauthorized amount of money from my account ($80.95). I DID not AUTHORIZE this to be taken out. So I would appreciate the money returned to my account or I will be forced to get my attorney involved as I'm in bankruptcy. My email is pcullison@yahoo. com...

Dri*trend Micro Virus For Computer - Pennsylvania, Edinboro / unauthorized charge on credit card

shirley soth on 2014-12-04
I was charged for an unauthorized anti Dri*Trend Micro which I never ordered or received. Please credit my charge card as soon as possible. I had contacted, by phone, case #1-1-93377340 and was referred to another case # 1399692700 on December 3rd and was not satisified with the result...

Dri*trend Micro Orderfind.commn / Unauthorized Charge to CC

Cathy Ashworth on 2014-10-24
I have been trying to get these charges of $38.47 x 4, (years which I can prove I have been charged for nothing) removed from my credit card. The computer that software was installed in has since been destroyed basically because of the problem of which started with continually recieving...

Trend Micro - Ontario, Ottawa / Unauthorized renewal

Jon Barton on 2014-08-22
My daughter's Visa card was billed for 35.99 - an unauthorized charge for software. What I find really unusual is that a) we never used her card to purchase the laptop nor the antivirus originally, b) we NEVER authorize automatic renewals for anything, and c) there was no request for...

Trend Micro / Refund

kelly koh on 2014-07-09
Case Number 1-1-895972645 Refund No. 524011309 On the 27th Jun, an amount of SGD79.63 was charged to my card from "DIGITAL RIVER INT LUXEMBOURG LU" is what it says on my statement for an auto renewal from Trend Micro. I have contacted Trend Micro and demand for a full refund and...

Dri*trend Micro Minnetonka Mn - New York, Brooklyn / unauthorized charge on my credit

Igor Grinblat on 2014-05-31
Hello Dear Sir/ Madam I received a charge on my credit card for $ 36.96 on 04/29/2014 from DRI*TREND MICRO MINNETONKA MN For this period of time I haven't make any purchase nor did I outhorise any company to renew any of the subscription. I'm using Trend Micro™ Titanium™ Antiviru...

Digital River Trend Micro Myord.com / Consumer Fraud

Veritas123 on 2013-12-03
I have been trying to stop Trend Micro - Digital River - MyOrd.com from billing me for anti-virus product since 2008. I have all of this in writing and am now preparing to go to my state's attorney general's office with charges of consumer fraud--which is what I advise anyone...

Dri Trend Micro - Washington, Seattle / credit card charge

phileom on 2013-09-19
I ordered antivirus software 2 years ago and never used this notebook. 2 years later they automatically charged me $34.95. I could not contact them easily. Did a lot of internet search and found a phone number. 2 months later they send me an email evey other day saying I must contact them...

Dri Trend Micro / Charged without request

Fay J. Earley on 2013-06-11
Trend Micro did not protect my computer from a virus. I removed this product from my computer in the fall of 2012, and DID NOT request a renewal but was charged $44.95 on 5/18/13. I am unable to locate a phone number to talk with this company and request that they reimburse me the $44.95 and never charge my card again.

Dri*trend Micro - Texas, Arlington / Didn't Order It

Crystaljw88 on 2013-05-10
I have not recently, nor within the passed several months, made any such order. I want a refund. Moreover, if and when I do receive a refund for purchases that were not made, I would like to know if it will be soon enough to cover all damages. I do not have enough within my bank currently...

Trend Micro - Wisconsin, Oshkosh / Unauthorized Credit charge

Lennono on 2013-04-16
On 4/12/13 I received a charge on my card for $44.95. I contacted my bank, but as they have not gotten back to me, I decided to check online for similar charges. Seems this happens A LOT. I downloaded a free trial of trend micro titanium for my PC, - a 30 day free trial. This trial expires on...

Trend Micro - New York / Customer Service

Virus Software on 2013-03-26
On March 26th, 2013 I contacted Trend Micro as my computer was stating Virus Protection not found. After spending 15 minutes trouble shooting with customer service my problem was still un resolved. The customer service person stated the virus was protection was working but he she wa...

Dri*trend Micro - Wisconsin, New Berlin / UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES

No one at this LAW FIRM authorized these charges of $71.95 on our office Capital One credit card. These charges need to be ALL reimbursed to avoid further court action. Charges occured on 10/31/12 and 12/15/12 in the amount of $71.95. And on 10/31/11 and 12/15/11 in the amount of $62.95...

Trend Micro / Malicious Slander about my website

Dr Beth Golden on 2013-01-16
This company has taken it upon themselves to announce in writing when going to our website that: "Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud". We are not guilty of anything of the such. I just contacted their...

Dri+trend Micro Orderfind - Kentucky / Charged w / my approval

I was charged for your dri+trend micro orderfind.Commn and i did not order your secruity system on 10 - 21 - 2012 on my discover credit card right away. I bought my on security system and do not want yours so please have this removed as soon as possible. Thank you

Dri-trend Micro - Massachusetts, Oxford / Abuse of my credit card

gwynmackdee on 2012-11-14
On 7/23/2012 Dri-Trend Micro withdrew $38.20 from my checking account. The problem is that I do not have them for virus protection any longer. What are my options to have my money returned as I have another company for virus protection which I have already paid in full? My email is: newlifedcdh@charter.net Thank you

Dri Trend Micro Anti Virus / They billed me without my consent

Staceycat on 2012-08-12
They billed me without my consent. I did not want to renew my service and they renewed it by charging my card which took money out of my banking account.

Dri*trend Micro - Virginia / unauthorized bill

Tonana on 2012-07-23
I got notice from my credit card company that I was charged of late fees. I am surprised because I don't use this card anymore, only to find out that DRI*Trend Micro charged me of its anti-virus software! I continually receiving pop-up boxes stating that my software license had...

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