Zumiezthe service I had is why i'm complaining.

Ba Oct 01, 2019

When I walked into the Zumiez store at Washington Square mall I had a hard time finding the shirts I wanted. The employees kept staring at me while I walked around I didn't think about it to much until they stopped me from buying three shirt that I obviously had money to pay for, to ask me about where some orange hoodie or shirt they saw me looking at. I told her I have no idea where that item is I've been walking around the store for about an hour looking for the right shirts I wouldn't know where I put have the other shirts I looked at. She kept accusing me of stealing the shirts. She than said she would gladly call the security and the cops if she couldn't find it. Me and my boyfriend had nothing to do with taking this shirt there were other people in the store as well while we were in there. I left because I was done with the employees I was not about to buy from them if they are about to accuse me for stealing a shirt I obviously didn't want to buy because I put it down somewhere. This employees name was Bobby, Female this happened at the Washington Square Mall in Portland Oregon.

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