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Zone Fitness review: Account cancelled yet still being charged

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I requested for cancellation of gym membership for my son early this year. It was a 24months contract. The account was up to date and not in arears when the request for cancellation was done. I had to wait 1 month notice period. Still to my surprise monthly debit orders were running from my bank account. Thereafter, I went in person to the gym with my son and who filled in a cancellation form and signed it as we were told that it was required that we sign this cancellation form. We were assured that the cancellation would be effective immediately. It has been 9 months since then and to my surprise again I received an SMS stating that my account has been handed over to Zonefitness lawyers due to an outstanding amount for October 2020. My son received another SMS indicating an additional amount outstanding.

I called Zonefitness to query this because I cancelled the account long ago. I was told that their records do not show that I requested for cancellation of the account. I then spoke to the Sharon, the branch manager at the Pretoria CBD branch. She also said that their records do not show that the account was cancelled and she wanted more information about email confirmation which I do not have as I did not receive an email to that effect. My son called then called them and spoke to the Sharon the manager again who now gave a contradictory version of accounts. She now said that their records show that the cancellation was going to be effected in March 2020 but due to an outstanding amount of R248.00 it was declined. According to me there is no outstanding amount as they used to debit my account monthly and it was up to date when I requested that they cancel the account.

Firstly, the contract had long lapsed. Secondly, I went in person on 3 occassions to request that the account be terminated as it had lapsed. I did not want to use to renew the contract. Thirdly, I filled in a cancellation form which the staff at the reception of Zonefitness provided me with. Fourthly, my son had to sign the cancellation form.

I reiterate that I do not owe Zonefitness any money and the account was not in arrears when I cancelled it. I would appreciate your intervention in resolving this matter. I need confirmation from Zonefitness that the account was cancelled and that I am not liable for any outstanding fees whatsoever.

Thank you.

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