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Woodland of kennasaw and the yes communities are not doing they job they are scams. They prey on younger people or people with bad credit. They are racist and care nothing about the people but just want sells. They move you in to places full of mold and not finished. They are hiring people off the street, waiter, bartender, cheerleader, with not his or very little in real estate. I have filed compliant with multiple agencies to look in to them.They are signing people paper work for mortgage and putting their
Personal information on the forms so they get alll the information with out the tenant knowing.

Compliant for Woodland of Kennesaw
Kimberly Sams (former cheerleader in Tennessee)
Aka kim Bassler Aka Kimberly Bassler
Lauren Sweeny (kims friend / bartender)

They promised that the house would be fixed by the move in date. House still not fixed mold in bathroom. On Sept 12, 2014 I responded to a craiglist ad for The Woodland of Kennessaw. I called and spoke to Maria she advised me to come in and fill out an application. I came in and discussed with her that we were looking to buy a home. She showed us a couple properties that we kind of liked just seemed ran down in that area. I than proceed to the application process. Called back I was approved. We looked at some better trailers after approval better trails not like the ones before. We seen one we like it wasn't finished yet. Maria said they would definitely have it done by the move in date. I than went on 09/19/2014 to give her the money orders for 1350.She than gave me the keys. She assured me that the trailer would be ready to move in on 9/20/2014.She also goes to say that we needed to sign the lease to rent until she hears back from 21 mortgage company about taking a mortgage loan out which she assured me would be put through right away. The 1, 250 dollars we gave her was supposed to go to the mortgage company as a down payment. Meaning you would not pay rent for October giving you time to make sure you still want to buy the mobile home. Also we had to sign the lease in order to get the specials listed on craiglist (free grill, half of next month’s lot rent, and 100 dollars off the next 3 months of rent). I had already paid my movers to move me in the evening of 9/20/2014.I had not heard anything from Kim (the manger or Maria).So I am assuming it okay to move in. I arrived at the trailer at around 11:42 pm on 09/20/2014 with my movers to move in. When I arrived this trailer was a mess. Everything that was supposed to be done was not done. There were live wires hanging. The sink and toilets were dirty. The dish washer was just sitting in the floor. The toilets had no seats. The pluming was messed up so I could not use the bathroom. The sliding door didn't lock. There was a falsest leak. There were no smoke detectors in the house. There was no fire extinguisher. The electrical sockets were not covered. There was leakage stains around the sunroof. There was also a strong smell of mold in the master bedroom bathroom. The water smelled like cat urine. I than attempted to call the 24 hour maintenance.

They told me I had to wait till Monday to talk to Kim. On Monday Sept 22, 2014 I called into the main office and talk to Kim. She stated that Maria no longer worked for the company as of that Friday when she told us we could move in on Saturday. I explained to her that was fine but the house is not ready as we were promised. She stated to me that we had moved in knowing it was not ready. I asked her how was we suppose to know we did not get a phone call. Her exact words was "I would not of move in there" I asked her why she did not call me. No reply. She insisted that the work would be done when she got help. Every other day someone came out and half did they job or said they had to come back and never did. I told the handy man that I smell mold he tried to make me think I was crazy. I than showed him. He stated that's just roach dropping. How if there is no roaches. Mold problem still not addressed. The sliding door was unsecure and would not lock up until October 2, 2014. When we went up to the office and stated we did not feel safe and wanted to leave. We also told her that the house was unfit and that the mold smell was still there. She than argued stating we can’t leave and that they had never really sent the mortgage app over because they didn't know how to until the new girl came. I explained to her that I felt like she was trying to get over on me and trying to keep my money. Things got heated.

I told her I just want my money back and I will be gone because to many broken promises and the way they treat people. She than called the police. The cops arrived they told me to file a complaint and go to the magistrate court because they get a lot of these complaints. They also stated this place was not right. I also asked her for cooperate office number she said I had to email them. I found out that was a lie. I found the number on line called several time no answer. Left voice mails no reply.. I also got in to an argument with Kim Bassler on the phone and before hanging up she stated "that why i don't like these type of people" "They won’t be here long". Every since that day we have been living in a living hell. We were showed all the run down trailers. We were told that we would have our application sent to the mortgage company. I was not done until we consistently contacted the mortgage company. We than was taken advantage of and tricked in to signing papers for a lease when they had no intentions on sending our mortgage over. We contacted the better business bureau and now facing eviction. We received a phone call from Laurn in the front office today 10/09/2014 at around9:34 this morning stating that Kim was in a meeting with corporate. They still have not contacted me. She also goes on to say that they want us to leave tomorrow 10/10/2014and forfeit our security deposit. as I told her that will be impossible without our money. I do not feel safe at this place. I have also sent corporate office a certified letter with pictures of the mobile home from the first day we moved in.

I went to the office 10/10/2014 and Lauren was trying to act as if she knows everything but she doesn't because she was not here. She than got mad because I told her I knew her from bartendering at a place I had been to.I also told her I seen her registry on line and congratulations. She than goes to say that we know her personal information not to mention it is online. We tried several time to reason with her. She goes to say mind our business and we need to leave. Eventually we leave but I realized that I had forgotten the check list for the the walk threw that was never done. I attempted to call the office several times no answer. I proceed to go back to the office which than I realized the door was locked. I saw lauren the maintenance man and her boyfriend Hogan Godwin in

The LOCKED office. I proceed ti know the maintenance man came to the door I asked for my check list he said okay. Than low in behold here come Hogan Godwin to the window making racial sleres and attempting ti put a GUN SIGN up to me with his fingers. The police were called they came out case number [protected]. I feel unsafe in you all establishment. For some one that doesn't work there to be permitted to access me and my personals. He was in the office and in the back. There is no telling what he seen or now about me.

I contacted a email that was given to me for Kim Kurz (head of woodlands) all she was worried about is me taking down the complaints on the Internet. They were once owned by another company that went out of business.

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      Aug 30, 2017

    This story is completely false as it relates to my wife and I. I pray that you figure out how to better handle things when you don't get your way.

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