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A few weeks ago I received a call from a collection agency (called Revenue Assurance Partners) and they were very nasty said I owed for the yellow pages. I called her back and she said since I mailed in a check in 2007 I still owed $295.00. So I went to my file cabinet (I keep detailed files) and low and behold I made a copy of the invoice and mailed a check to them. No granted my bookkeeper would attached the checkes to be signed to the bills (my fault) but it clearly looks just like my yellow page invoice with the fingers walking. The envelope did not have solicitation on it. So I called back and said yes I did mail it by mistake and I don't want this. She was rude again so I hung up. I went next door to another business and guess what they too almost paid this bogas bill. I asked to see it and I asked to keep it. It says on the front YellowPagesUSA processing center and the description of services. "Annual Internet Yellow Pages USA Listing" Now how would you take that, they bill every year and how many people turn over their bill and read it. On the back it says, "You may cancel this 3 year contract without penalty or obligation within 3 business days from the date of payment and receive a full refund or you may cancel this contract if upon a doctor's order you cannot physically receive the service." I kid you not.

bogas soliciation

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