Yamaha Motor Corporation2018 yamaha star venture throwing motorcycle

Ma Sep 30, 2019

My complaint is lack of service and the lack of correction of bats service from the moment I walked in this store I had back service the salesperson itself forced good but the bike which is a 2018 Yamaha star venture tour bike one of the in tennis was missing the battery was dead and it had no tool bag or new bike menu the bike only had 3 miles on it they said they were correct it and get it right I pick it up I ride it home the but I noticed a back emblem on my bike was cracked it had no manual still it had no tool back the antenna was on order I called them had appointment to bring in up the following week the following week came I called and they try to put me off another week find me I got that set up for that weight and I go to the garage to start the bike in the battery's dead I was told it was a new battery they came in picked it up take it in I caught them to remind them about the manual the tool bag and I realized that the back the side saddle bags did not have the carry bags that supposed to be with them till this day I haven't gotten them I called them 4 times in the 2 weeks they had my bike after I bought it in each time no 1 written down anything about the work I asked to be done on it the only thing they had was the antenna in the emblem nothing else for the work order 4 times at their I called finally they wrote it down they deliver my back bite back to me and still I did not having menu I did not have a toolbag and I did not have the saddle bags carry bags very unhappy I wish someone would call me and settle this manner for me I am tired of dealing with this shop over in Orange County. My name; Marlon Brimmer ph;[protected]

Yamaha Motor Corporation

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