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I had ordered a LCD screen for my laptop. They sent me the wrong one. They promised to resolve the issue but in vain. They asked for picture to prove and they were supplied. No response. I then disputed the charge through Pay Pal, but in vain. So I disputed it with my credit card compnay and got my monies back. Immediately I heard from them and they wanted the screen back, which I sent to them. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. They are a total rip-off. The phone numbers listed on their emails are incorrect, they do not even know how to respond in proper english. A total night mare...


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      Sep 30, 2009

    Similar situation. Think I'll be covered because I paid using american express. They will not honor their web site return policy - if you buy from them you can expect the reality to be "ALL SALES FINAL - NO REFUNDS" - contrary to the stated return policy on their web site:

    You may return the product for replacement or credits within 30 days of your purchase if the product does not meet your expectation.

    Good luck - buyer beware. - Bob F.

    p.s. notice yallstore also operates a storefront via e-bay - surprised there aren't more negative feedback postings there (some, but not as many as I'd expect).

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      Oct 14, 2009

    Around two months ago my Acer laptop inverter was gone and I couldn't find another one anywhere. Finally I got to the and found it there. I was a bit surprised at how they had every single component you could imagine in stock, and that's a bit suspicious, but since it was something cheap I decided to give it a try and trust them. I bought it and after 2 weeks I received it here in Brazil and it worked fine, as expected.

    So, once the first order worked, I decided I could trust them a little more and decided to order a new battery for the same laptop. A friend wanted a new battery for his macbook and offered to split the shipping costs. This was 5 weeks ago and still nothing. The tracking code they gave me never updates on the USPS site, but when a package arrives at the brazilian postal service, the tracking info appears that too, but still nothing. I sent several complaints already, but everytime they ask me to wait two more days and argue that their clients overseas often wait over a month. I buy overseas often and no package never took more than 2 weeks with international priority shipping, even whey it gets retained in customs, which is not the case since it would appear at the local tracking system.

    I'm still giving them a little credit and waiting for a serious response to my last complaint, since the first order worked fine, but if I don't get neither the package or a refund, then I will start joining other people complaining about them not only in review sites but ebay and everywhere else.

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      Nov 29, 2019

    @pjwerneck This is 10 years old and I guess nobody cares anymore, but it wasn't their fault. The delay was caused by a strike at the local postal service and Yallstore sent me another battery on express shipment. I ended up paying for it too, since it was my mistake.

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      Oct 14, 2009

    I bought a screen for my Fujitsu from them. They advertised it as the exact part # that was on the broken screen so I felt confident. When it arrived it was a clone and the only thin that was close was the size. It did not fit and would require a lot of hacking of my computer case to possibly make it fit. They asked for pictures to prove it. I obliged not knowing at the time they were stalling me. They finally agreed to refund my money if I returned it. I asked for a pick up ticket so I wouldn’t have to pay return shipping. They agreed but for a week they had excuses why the ticket wasn’t ready. Finally they said “the system can not work now” and for me to pay the shipping and they would reimburse me. The screen was sent with tracking and arrived the next day to them. They haven’t returned my money and say they are looking for the shipment. It’s been over a week since they got it back and I have imitated a claim with Paypal.
    These guys are a FRAUD do not do business with them.
    They communicate through email and usually only one per day. They drag out any communication by answering only one thing per email and playing dumb with bad Asian English. They have returned emails with 6 different names. One would think if the company really had that many people answering complaints that at least one could write clearly and resolve the complaint.

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      Oct 27, 2009

    ordered x HP Compaq Pavilion DV2740SE Laptop LCD Screen 14.1" WXGA(1280x800)Glossy (NXJ411-1555). When I received the order I opened it up and installed the screen. There was no visible damage at this point. Whne the screen turned on then you can see there was an internal crack through the middle of the screen and the LCD was bleeding.I have attempted to contact the seller through Skype, online chat (I got an agent but when I explained my issue they told me to "hold on a sec" and waited an hour then I logged off because they didn't respond), email, and telephone. I called twice last night and twice this morning and I keep getting the same response which is that they are unavailable. I simply want to return the item and receive a working one. However since the company does not wish to respond I would just like my money back at this point.
    Today after I posted the communication I again attempted to contact the seller and again it went to an answering machine. I then spoke again with an online agent and this is an exact copy of the conversation:

    You are now chatting with Fancy ( Service)

    ME: I have tried contacting somebody about the issue with my cracked screen that I received in the mail...I was on hold yesterday via this chat for an hour yesterday..I have called 3 times and used skype twice...I also sent and email...I just want to know what to do to exchange this screen. thank you
    Fancy: Could you tell us your order ID?
    ME: sure
    ME: it is [protected]
    Fancy: you please tell James order id
    Fancy: and he will help u
    Fancy: thanks
    Fancy has left the chat conversationClick Here to Leave a Message
    ME: who is JamesThe rep told me to speak with James...and then left!
    This is nothing but a huge hindrance and feel like I am being pushed around in circles...I contacted my credit card company and they are now opening a dispute

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      Mar 10, 2010

    I should have read this before ordering a laptop battery from them. The first one died within a month. They did send a replacement within reasonable time frame after receiving my return - I paid the return shipping. The replacement died in less than a week. I checked my old battery and it worked OK with low capacity. I contact them and demand a full refund plus a call tag for the defective item. They asked for the serial number, then quite. I sent two more email but no reply. I am disputing the case through Discover now.

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      Mar 17, 2010

    Updating my comment a few months ago. After almost 2 months when I put a lot of pressure on them, they agreed on giving me a partial refund, but I wanted the battery, so they agreed on sending again one of them by express mail.

    The problem is, the delay wasn't their fault, it was caused by a strike on postal service somewhere, so I ended up receiving both packages.

    After all the annoyance I decided to keep the extra battery and pay them for it, but someone in there sent the package with the original bill attached and here they charged me for taxes on both of them, not just the one I received. I paid the difference to YallStore.

    The batteries work ok, but one of them seems to have a deffective circuit so it always report some weird readings, but capacity is ok.

    So, had a lot of trouble with the purchase but in the end it wasn't their fault.

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      Mar 04, 2011

    I totally agree with all of you on every single point. Plus : When you place an order on an item that is available on their website, they charge you but they still sell it to any other buyer. When you ask about your shipment days later, they will tell you that your item is sold out and propose to refund you 80% of the item value. So you lose both your money and the shipment fees

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      Apr 07, 2011

    I ordered a replacement screen for my laptop and paid for the insurance with the delivery. I tracked the order and it says I received it 4 days ago. I tried contacting Yall store and the only response I've gotten after 4 emails is that my insurance policy only applies while the item is in their warehouse after it leaves the warehouse it is no longer insured... What the hell did I pay the insurance for????

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      Sep 24, 2011

    These guys, they bluntly lie for a few dollars. They have no honor and respect nobody except themselves. I was ripped off by them and luckily for me it was only for about $27. I learnt something more important through this experience, that I should never trust PayPal. When it comes to a dispute, PayPal prefers to side with a fraudulent than with an honest buyer. Probably they have more profit from this seller than a small buyer like me, and when it comes to money even PayPal will chose profit instead of honor and honesty. My advice to you readers is that you must NEVER rely on PayPal protection because when it comes to the actual test they will abandon you for a fraudulent seller. It is a pity that PayPal will fall this low just to protect its profit.

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      Oct 06, 2011

    I ordered Thinkpad T410 Keyboard from in August . YallStore is the Seller. First time, I received a Keyboard, which was in "S" shape, I sent it back; Second time, "ESC" dropped due to big "bent" at that corner, I sent it back too. They promised me a full refund. I don't know the Keyboard they sold was originally defected or damaged in shipping (they simply used a yellow envelope for shipping). The fact is that I simply wasted one month dealing with their ### and my laptop sat idle for over a month! Eventually, I got perfect one from Gadget-Mart at within 5 days. Now, my laptop is working perfectly. Things can be totally different if you are lucky to buy an item from a reliable seller.

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