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X FactorJohn and Edward

i would like to make a complaint about the X Factor results show that was broadcasted on the 8th november 2017. Thanks to Simon Cowell's vote against John and Edward and Lucie Jones my family and i will never be watching X Factor again. The show is just getting stupid now, Lucie had raw talent and allJohn and Edward could do was shout. Simon slates them and then backs them up even Louis Walsh said that Lucie didn't deserve to be in the last two. Lucie was the better person in the competition and i think John and Edward should at least have the disency to pull out of the competition let alone buy some singing lesson.
signed: bethany willmott


  • Af
    A Fan. Aug 22, 2009

    I think that the show replicates Britain's Got Talent far too much and I think that the old audition rooms were better. Now the funny clips aren't so funny... The live audience ruins the atmosphere. I love the fact that the show has gotten bigger and far more successful. It's always wonderful to see a great show get bigger and it's fantastic to see the numbers goes up and, no offense but I'm betting so did the cash ;). However Simon's latest scheme aint all it's cracked up to be. I'd like to add the intro this year was fantastic and left us devastated when the ads came on just before the real show could begin, so give your producers a pat on the back. I'm proud to see the show still has it's great talent and fantastic judges with a wide range of cheek and back chat from desperates. To be honest the auditions are normally the most boring stage so it may not be as much of a difference as i think, but it's always fun to watch those talentless hacks have a wack at their dreams. Another point, I think it should still be raw talent we hear, the backing music again ruins it when we hear sweet humble voices coming through without the added help of a soundboard it's much nicer. I seriously believe that you may slaughter one hell of a program if changes as drastic as these continue.

    Thanks very much for reading, hope you take it on board.

    Sincerely, a fan.

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  • Ph
    phil simpson Oct 10, 2009

    What a disgrace Danni Minogue is!!!

    Who is she to question the sexual orientation of Daniel, just to try and distract viewers away from the fact that he has more talent than 60% of the acts tonight.

    It is completely irrelevent that trashy newspapers decide to dig up the lowest dirt they can on someone, who appears a very decent person.So what, what he does in his own time, we live in the 21st century...unless your from Australia!!

    You humiliated, and upset one of the best male acts to come out of a talent show in years...well done...big sis will b so prou.

    Danni you really dissapointed me tonight, and if you had a real day job, in all likelyhood, comments like that would lead to disciplinary action, and your dismissal. Over yo you ITV...What are you going to do about this clear discrimination???

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  • T7
    t7ru Oct 10, 2009

    I have sat for a few years watching and apalled at the people that are seen as fit to be judges. Mr Walsh who cannot see talent unless it's from across the water, and Ms Minogue, who tonight has proven why her sister is far more superior.

    Last year she could not gel with her charge who was a real person from london, who came from the real "street" she regularly perpetuates an understanding of to fuel her credibility. This year she turns in the first week on a man who to my knowledge did what you do in a talent contest, sang his heart out. She insinuates tabloid accusations of his sexuality may be true... does it merit disscussion when it is his performance that is to be judged?

    If it were true she has now jeapordised his ability to deal with a personal situation, and his career as a teacher, by undermining him live on TV in front of his pupils. If false she has shown herself to be petty, and homophobic. Why in this multi-cultural country we are so proud of have we let a red-neck Australian show how small minded she is in aceoted in who is allowed to have talent?

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  • Jo
    jo4 Oct 10, 2009

    I was very shocked to hear the comments of Danny Minogue against Danyl on this evening X Factor. You could see the shock on Danyls face as plain as day. if she thinks she is speaking for the nation then id rather she didnt. How he is suppose to show his face back at his job, thats if he will still have one after this is beyond me.

    Im sure the comment will have raised many questions for the younger viewers as well seen as these celebs are people they look up to.

    I hope that as this was so public on national tv then it is only right that the apology should be also aired this way.

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  • Me
    memonic Oct 10, 2009

    She should resign, It's indefensible to use someone's sexuality as a weapon, in a vulnerable and highly public context such as that one. At best it was unprofessional, at worst cruel and humiliating. I'm glad he said he's not ashamed, he has no reason to be, She however does.

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  • Ad
    Adamf1977 Oct 10, 2009

    Im utterly disappointed with Dannii Minogues comments about danyl, It was horrible seeing the reaction from danyl i really felt sorry for him. Itv should do something about this, a persons sexuality is his business and Dannii shouldnt of brought it up. I think ITV should do something about this, if anything like this happens again i will stop watching itv because i wont be part of discrimination
    yours sincerly Adam Fisher

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  • St
    Stevie321 Oct 10, 2009

    I totally agree and Danni should be repremarnded by ITV in a harsh fashion. I really got into Danni this year and i'm really annoyed and dissapointed by her comments, shame on her! Get her out and get Sharon Osbourn back, she would never have spoken to anyone like that! If no apology is made I probably will switch over as this is the least ITV, and Dannim should offer.

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  • Ma
    Mark1118 Oct 10, 2009

    I thought that being gay was not an issue in this country anymore...
    Danni was either just not thinking how it's gonna sound, or that comment was a calculated move. She might just noot like him.
    Anyway - very awful thing happened.
    It's like saying to someone black - 'oh, you sang a Celine Dion's song? But she's white!'
    Apologies would be very appropriate.
    I didn't like him very much, but now I feel for him.
    Danni, please, during next plastic surgery ask them to stich your lips together for good.

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  • 22
    22angel22 Oct 11, 2009

    I am shocked by Dannii Minogues comments to Danyl on X Factor last night. Her thoughts that because of Danyl's sexuality he didn't need to change the Gender content on the song where unacceptable. With all of the other Racial tension in reality tv shows at the moment I am hoping that investigations in to this homphobic behaviour will also take place.

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  • St
    stephen massey Oct 11, 2009

    What a disgrace from Miss Danni Minogue.

    From someone who has had so many gay/bisexual fans over her time in the spot light to use cheap, underhand jibs at someone's sexual orientation regarding Daniel, all this to distract viewers away from voting for him and the fact that he has more talent than most acts tonight.

    It is completely irrelevant that tabloid newspapers dig up dirt on anyones sexuality, and who appears a very nice person. What, he does in his own time, is his own choice we live in the 21st century...unless your from Australia !

    You humiliated Daniel who was close to tears and upset. Well done Danni you have scrapped the lowest of the low and shown your true homophobic colours hope your proud.

    So ITV what are you going to do about this clear discrimination?

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  • Mr
    MRS C J FEATHERSTONE Nov 07, 2009

    Whilst watching x factor this eveing i grew increasingly concerned about Louis Walsh, with a 12 year child watching xfactor I was concerned about Louis' attitude and the manner in which he spoke to the presenter. Needless to say so was Simon Cowell who asked him to apologise something we all teach our children let alone other people's children as i do as a teacher. It was disgusting to see Louis refuse on television and shout in the manner which he did. I have never had cause to complain about television in the past but was very angry and disguseted by what i saw this evening.
    I am sure there wil be others that totally disapproved f Louis' behaviour tonight

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  • Da
    Daniel Heywood Nov 08, 2009

    It's got to be fixed.
    Iam 14 and i have never seen anything like it. Its just WRONG John and Edward going through instead of Lucie.
    Lucie is a realy good singer Yes simon's right she can't win but still she is better then THEM. I watched them knocking out all the good singers every week and I think thats wrong too. I know I am going on but is just not right.

    Yours Sincerely

    Daniel Heywood

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  • Na
    NadLou Nov 08, 2009

    i agree. not only has it got worse but its fixed now. I am disgusted with the x factor. Its been bad enough that contestants have gone out and John and Edward have stayed in but to make it worse, Lucie has gone out and she was head to head with them. No way should she have gone and I now think that the x factor is fixed! There's something not quite right about it. simon has more or less hated John and Edward from the start yet he put it through to dead lock and risked losing an amazing singer which they did. If this was a genuine show then simon would have got rid of the twins. This is meant to be a singing contest not a fool contest or the best entertainer show! I will never watch this again after this pathetic year. It is clearly a sham and not real and I cant believe it. X factor is now a joke to millions.

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  • Pa
    PaulTrouble Nov 09, 2009

    I originally believed that Simon Cowell although sometimes rude made the correct decision. That was until he chose two useless talentless children that prance around like animals over a young talented girl that was developing every week. Simon has in the past criticised saying that this is a singing competition so why pick the two lads? I am sure that if Danyl was in the bottom two he would not want another judge let it go to the public vote! I guess we as the public are slightly to blame as there is no way she should be out now, considering Lloyd is still in!
    The final blame lands with Cowell, i do not wish to watch this anymore, as it is no longer a talent contest but a popularity contest. I think that is more with the judges than the contestants!

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  • Ly
    Lyn Creswell Nov 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally Agree - X Factor should be boycotted! I will never watch it again! Somon is a cheat, it's all about him making money at the cost of young peoples careers. Lets hope he's just made the biggest career mistake of his life.

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  • Mr
    Mrs SC Nov 09, 2009

    I agree also, I have watched the xfactor for years with my family. We shall not be doing so now. There is a scam going on. The show is now turning into the eurovision, a complete fix with talentless artists winning what should be a talent and "singing" competition.

    Its a shame, I really did enjoy it in its day but last night did prove to me that this show is coming to the end of its natural life.

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  • Mu
    Mummy18 Nov 09, 2009

    Lucie Jones hit every note in her version of Whitney Houston's One moment in time, the twins gave a disgraceful version of Rock dj, I for one think it's a disgrace Simon did not do the one thing he promised: To judge on the last performance it's self. Without their gimmicks, backing dancers and props, the twins weren't in the slightest entertaining, so if someone could please explain why they got through, I'd be extremely grateful.
    It's neither about the talent nor the entertainment, it's headlines and ratings. Disgusting.

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  • St
    Stephanie Dawon Nov 09, 2009

    I would like to make a complaint about Simon Cowell from X-Factor 7th November.

    Firstly why didn't Simon judge Lucy & John & Edwards based on their performance to stay in the competition?

    Simon has said to contestants in many episodes who are having to fight for survival, that judgment will be based on their performance –clearly Lucy's performance excelled compared to John & Edward.

    He stated not 5 minutes before the sing-off that last’s nights decision would be based purely on that last performance and yet he back-tracked and stated that he would actually prefer to see the boys back.

    Lucy has the stongest female voice in the competition! (which Simon himself said on Saturday night), her looks, star quality any many more attributes compared to John & Edward which means that yes she is talented enough to win this "Singing" competition, (which I now think is more of battle of the Judges than a Singing competion giving the real talented contestants a chance for their Dream Career of being a POPSTAR! ) and yes Lucy is more talented than John & Edward.

    The public may not have voted enough to save Lucy, but the whole point of the sing-off is to save the better act, just like Simon did when Danyl was in the bottom 2, the public also only vote on Saturday nights performance and are not given the chance to vote between the bottom 2. If Simon is willing to pull this trick then I think the public should be given the chance to vote again to save one of the bottom two.

    I could not see myself buying any music from John & Edwared! but definitely can from Lucy.

    X factor is just pointless now, its more about the judges and their petty comments and getting the ratings up – its isnt' about talent!! He wouldn’t have done that if it was his act in the bottom 2!!!

    I shall now be switching over to the BBC to watch Strictly Come Dancing, a show which is actually about talent ! Stephanie Dawson

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  • Su
    suzanne parkes Nov 09, 2009

    I totally agree with your comment Stephanie- Simon was thinking of viewing figures not talent.

    Suzanne Parkes

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  • Vi
    Viki Edwardson Nov 09, 2009

    I totally agree!!

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  • Ly
    Lyn @ park Nov 09, 2009

    Dead right, Steph! Simon has been against the twins every week. This is a singing competition & THEY CAN'T SING!! Why didn't he take this opportunity to kick them off? If they want fame, they should have entered Britain's got Talent! Louis is even worse than Simon & should never have put them through in the first place! Lucy was fantastic last night - I hope she gets offered a megabucks music deal, but not with BMG!

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  • Ro
    rose 24 Nov 09, 2009

    Well first of all i acctually cant see how yous cant see that the reason john and edward went through was for money because half the people watching x-factor this year are watching it because of john and edward and in case you didnt know simon cowell is the producer of x-factor so he put them through for the money! and secondly i agree with people saying its unfair to send them through when theres very talented people on the show, i completely agree but could you be abit nicer about the way you say stufft i mean like their really only children imagine someone, sorry no the whole of ireland & england saying horrible stuff about you when you were a "useless talentless child", "paul trouble" so relax, its not like its going to end the world if they win, after all if you disagreeso stongly then dont watch the show, dont listen to their music if they win!!!

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  • Ba
    Barbiie Giirl Nov 09, 2009

    I think that john and edward should of gone because there absoulty TERRIBLE lucie jones has got the xfactor i think she could of been as good as leona lewis or alexandra burke all x factor is, is a con. my family n i will never be watchin the show again the show is ment to find proper talent not 2 stupid little boys. Simon Cowell slatted them like mad n there he is backing the twits

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  • ;-) Nov 09, 2009

    I have enjoyed watching X-Factor over the years and have enjoyed Simon Cowell's role and participation in the programme, mainly agreeing with his judgements over that time; however, his decision to keep Jedwood (or Deadwood) on Saturday in favour of losing Lucie was completely wrong. John and Edward appear to be lovely lads on a personal basis, but they really cannot sing. Lucie has a fantastic voice and was certainly popstar material, holding great presence on stage and she most certainly deserved to be in the Final. I feel that Simon Cowell ousted Lucie simply because she was the greatest threat to the contestants in his team. Simon obviously sees this as a game, playing with peoples lives, rather than respecting and appreciating that the artists taking part do so with the hope of gaining a better future for themselves. John and Edward, as nice as they are, are not contenders in this race, they are an interval of amusement and the X-Factor has now become a mockery. Had Lucie stayed in and reached the final, she may/may not have won - she may have lost out too someone better on the night, who knows - but keeping her in would have been a much fairer competition. I, along with many friends, have become totally disillusioned - seeing this programme as an absolute farce - having lost all of its credibility - and not one of us now will be watching in the future. Bad show Simon - very bad show! :-(

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  • Em
    Emila Marie Nov 09, 2009

    Simon says that this is a Singing Competition and is based on talent.
    Well he proved how much of a hypocrite he is.

    X - Factor is all about making him richer and his show more popular. He knew that if he kept the twins in, he will make more money and get everyone talking.
    His credability has gone out the window.
    He has kept stating how jedward are talentless and if they win he will leave the country. Then in the next breath, he would prefer to see them again.
    HELLO!!! They are just a male version of the cheeky girls. And the only factor they have is the twin factor..

    All he cares about is his big fat wallet and not about giving the actual real talent a fair chance.
    Strictly Come Dancing on the other hand, is all about talent and everyone is given a fair chance. They are not two faced, money grabbing judges, like Simon is.
    I had always previously thought X Factor was better and now I disagree. I shall boycott the X-Factor and I hope everyone else sees sense and does the same.
    That should teach him a lesson.

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  • Te
    teresa stevenson Nov 09, 2009

    John and Edward should be gone by now because they can not sing ...The only thing they can do is entertain people ...And i thought the x factor was to make people's drames come true to become singers not entertainers...lucie jones had the x factor ...

    signed: Teresa Stevenson

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