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This website is run by a woman who uses the alias of Hope, along with her own little band of liars and schemers. The scam is that if you don`t comply with sending them money (I think we call this blackmail, yes?) she will defame and harass you. A good friend of mine, someone with genuine gifts and a spotlessly clean track record (I know, hard to believe for a psychic, but some good ones do exist...not that this site would be of any help in finding them) went through hell with these people. They claim to allow rebuttals but they boot you when you try to reply (or censor most of what you`re saying). They freely encourage bullying & harassment by posting names, e-mail addies & other info that is illegal to post because of anti-slander & anti-bullying laws. If the law firm associated with their hosting co. continues to receive complaints they should be shut down before long. Nobody should give in to their blackmail and I hope they will be shut down soon.

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  • Re
    Req Mar 08, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    True344: The true scammer is YOU. You feel you have to slander Mimi because you have been found out. You’re ridiculous. This is a real person, not a pretender, a fake or someone pretending to be anyone. No one has put me up to this. I am just someone roaming the earth so I have absolutely nothing to gain by commenting. She is NOT a fake. She is simply exposing you who tried to scam hundreds of dollars from me. She helped me by showing me your scams and never once asked for money or any psychic services. She is a human being gaining nothing for exposing YOU. Mimipop is NOT a foreigner. She uses proper grammar and punctuation. You have tried to slander her on her own legitimate website using mispelled words as you have here and everywhere including in the emails you sent me trying to rob me hundreds of dollars after asking for my personal information. YOU ARE THE SCAMMER with too much time on your hands creating false websites and now CLONING Mimi. You are a professional scammer and nothing good will come your way.

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  • Tr
    True344 Mar 02, 2016

    We found it out: a woman called Mimi Bieber, her real name is Mary Anani from South Africa and this are her websites and scam blogs with fake reviews Trying to eliminate the other competition. :

    This are her own SCAM websites she only recommand with 100% guarantee and money back (all websites are from Africa): Dr nyame voodoo revenge death spells

    Beware of spell caster's that has to feel like they must slander, belittle and scandalize other spell caster's by their name or website.
    That is a what many has called, "Trying to eliminate the other competition.

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  • Un
    Unknown20141992 Jun 01, 2014

    I completely agree they also did it to me she made my profile fake and inactive after I left my kik name to prove that I am real. . .she even went as far as trying to expose my location. . .her and her little friends attacked me and she would not allow me to delete the post. . .she was angry because I stated I got results from the woman I used smh she and her site is crazy!!!

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  • Su
    SUN8 Feb 22, 2012

    SCAM WARNING: Advance Payment Fraud SCAM ripoff, con artist, fraud, rip-off

    Knowing these warning signs can keep you from being the scam victim.

    Here's a basic description How the scam works: created a forum and then a bunch of fictional characters to manipulate potential victims into trusting a specific websites.

    A quick review of the forum will show you that most of the posts are made by the same group of individuals most are likely the same person.

    They post about other spell casters on the forum without any proof of the charge and without checking the statements just to hurt the competition and lure victims to their scam websites like Yaya Maria and other.

    Don't become the next victim of FAKE Psychic Review Forum! This is just a new psychic scam.

    Visit and join the and see for yourself the truth!

    More about this scam on ROR

    NEW: RSS feeds are on the website: Adding RSS feeds to a web pages will get the search engine spiders to index pages and come back more often because of the constantly changing information.

    Why have RSS feeds? To hurt the competition better on the search engine google and lure victims to their scam websites!!!

    SCAM WARNING: Advance Payment Fraud SCAM ripoff, con artist, fraud, rip-off
    SCAM WARNING: Advance Payment Fraud SCAM ripoff, con artist, fraud, rip-off

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  • Sp


    Yaya Maria is a fraud and charlatan, she is not an authentic "High" priestess of Palo Mayombe or Orisha traditions it is Taboo for women to be "High" Priestess's in these African Traditions, but she also fails to explain her lineages or authentic information on her fake website.

    she ripped me off for $2, 000 and many of my friends for thousands of dollars thinking that she was authentic and refered by her business partner "Hope" who i actually think is her.

    but later after having no results from everyone including myself we found out that she was a fraud, fake charlatan exploiting the religion of Palo Mayombe and Santeria so i went out on a quest to find out the truth about these religions and i found out the deal.

    Thank goodness i found a Real Palo Mayombe and Orisha Priest that helped me fix everything, i found a Tata Nganga and Oba Oriete in Orisha Traditions in Santeria that explained to me what makes this person Yaya Maria unauthentic and a fake, so i asked Yaya Maria about her Lineage line, Name of her Munanso Congo, Initation title and name and who gave her it, and Location along with her Initiation date, name and title and who her God parents are who initiated her, she failed to comply

    she wouldn't provide it with me until several other people started to question this and then they all asked her also and she proved to be FALSE!

    she made up some garbage that was all lies and non verified we contacted several authentic sources including the National African Religious Congress and Afro Caribbean studies group in Puerto Rico who all confirmed that Yaya Maria is a fake and a charlatan, most times these priests do not make websites like this and try to sell services over the phone, in most cases they need to be done in person and in front of the alters IN PERSON they dont use websites like she is doing.



    she calls herself a "Yaya Nganga",

    there is NO SUCH level of initiation in the religion for Women and tradition of Palo Mayombe, women are not allowed to be high priestess's and cannot perform ceremonies alone in this religion of Palo mayombe because this is reserved ONLY for a male priest called a Tata Nganga

    the word Yaya Nganga means Mother of the sacred alters, a women cannot build these alters and cannot initiate new members so how can she have this fake title she made up?

    there have never been Yaya Nganga's in Palo Mayombe for thousands of years... EVER!.. this is an invention of this fraudster named Yaya Maria who is a complete fake!

    it is a complete taboo for women to perform ceremonies alone without a Tata Nganga (Male Priest) in Palo Mayombe which means she is not a high priestess and not a Yaya Nganga, she is unable to provide legitimate ceremonies and cannot even provide information about her lineage line, rama, names and munanso names and locations.

    Woman cannot become the high priest in the religion of Palo mayombe and calling herself a Yaya Nganga's is incorrect because there is no such initiation title for women.

    this is only reserved for Male Priesthood initiations where ONLY the Male Priest can become a high priest in Both Palo Mayombe and Santeria Traditions where they can perform Initiations, naming, rituals and sacrificial ceremonies in the religion of Palo Mayombe

    The reason why is because women have a menstrual cycle and give birth to children, Palo Mayombe deals with energies of the Dead and sacrificial ceremonies Women cannot offer sacrificial rituals ever and these ceremonies require a Tata or Male Priest in the religion to perform them, because women bleed monthly and spirits cannot differentiate the difference of lifeforce energy in them and the dead, it is considered unclean to the spirits for women to touch or perform rituals without a Male Priest present, a women is not allowed to posses the Nganga's which are the sacred alters alone because a Tata Nganga must perform all these rituals and lead ceremonies so she is lying, fake and a charlatan.

    i found this out from a real Palo Mayombe Priest that i now work with and became very close with, who explained to me about what is authentic and what is not, he explained to me about the lineage lines, initiations and locations of Munanso Congo's to authenticate who is legitimate and who is not each munanso has a location and name confirmation in its title and from this a "family" or tribe associated with it along with the branch and tribe they are associated with, it also includes the names of the Initiating priests and validates who is authentic and who is not because there are only 7 lineage lines and they must match the locations and family names in order to prove legitimacy .

    She has a completely anonymous website, no listed phone number, no address, and SCAMS people using this forum called where Hope and Yaya Maria are the same person!

    if this person is authentic why the need for such anonymity? hiding ?

    Why no information?

    Because she is a fraud who scams people and is not authentic!

    You decide yourself below is my friends account with both scam sites and who are both working with each other and hosted on the same hosting company

    This was an Actual Account by my friend who also got ripped off by Yaya Maria :

    I got SCAMMED by the "Spells, Psychics, Spirits Review Forum" and

    Yaya Maria is a fake and charlatan

    Hope is a Liar and fraud!

    they both work together and SCAM PEOPLE!

    Hope the founder is illegally performing what is called Racketeering and
    defamation of character and will be pursued legally along with her
    business affiliated websites and partners.

    98% of the posts on
    that forum are FAKE ID's made up from Other Psychic websites or herself
    and fellow administrators psychics she is affiliated with and getting
    paid from which we could characterize as illegal racketeering and also

    here is the proof!

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  • Sp

    Here is the story, straight facts about ( Yaya Maria) who is a fake made up Palo Mayombe priestess and fake Orisha Priestess who has been unconfirmed and unauthenticicated with many legitimate sources she does not have any of the legitmate information to confirm her as who she says listed on her website and will not post it because she is a fraud... we have confirmed this with legitimate priests that have been contacted since this time of the investigation and that never heard of this person EVER and said that her lineage line was made up and fake, that she invented it up

    This happened after we asked what her confirmed lineage was through email and she made up some fake invented information.

    she claims to be a Yaya Nganga of Palo Mayombe

    but in fact there is NO SUCH initiation for women ONLY MEN are Tata Nganga's, women are not allowed this position in the religion of Palo Mayombe EVER! Women are not allowed to own the sacred alters themselves and must have a Tata Nganga (male Priest) present during ALL ceremonies. Which confirms she is not authentic and does not in fact have what she claims.

    she cannot perform what she says she can because of this taboo in the religion and is illegally scamming people to believe this, she has NO legitimate initiation in the religion of Palo Mayombe or Orisha tradition, after careful investigation this was revealed fact.

    if she claims to be legitamate why is this information NOT listed on her website, why does she not have the name of her munanso congo and rama's listed on her website which is needed to authenticate her as a priestess... the reason why is because she is FAKE!

    This cannot be made up because there are only 7 main lineage lines and 5 sub rama’s in the religion of Palo Mayombe and if she was initiatied as a priest she would have the location, name of the munanso and rama of elders present, which is to serve as a recital in cases of authentication and rememberace of her religion…. She cannot do this because she is fake .. I contacted several authentic priests of Palo Mayombe and Orisha worship that confirmed this.

    there is no phone number or contact information on her website... why? because she is fake!

    All of these facts have been confirmed with several authentic Palo Mayombe and Orisha Priests that we have contacted along with the National African Religious Congress an organization that specializes in Orisha/Ifa and Palo Mayombe Priesthoods and confirms authenticity, which said Yaya Maria ( is a non-authentic priestess and does not have ANY legitimate initiations either non confirmed or false.

    i have been contacted by several people during my process of the class action lawsuit that I have filed along with 40 other members that have been ripped off by and

    I was personally ripped off for over $2, 000 and several others for thousands from Yaya Maria who was recommended to several people on spsreviewforum by Hope the founder of who is in affiliation with Yaya Maria ( and later finding out she either part of or business partners with

    This is illegal racketeering .

    The full legal class action lawsuit in process 14-9742-D now filed against and including ALL the people that she recommended and were ripped off by her

    Along withal the other Psychic websites she illegally defamed on her false front forum website where her and the fake id’s made up by her talk negatively about trying to discredit one and promote her other business’s

    which is performing illegal racketeering and defamation of character just to promote her business affiliated websites to scam people out of money!

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  • Ma
    MahhieF Jan 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HHGL, Yaya Maria does not sell spirits, so that would not be an honest review.
    The forum is for members to share their true experiences, both the good and bad. I would hope that Hope or the moderators would ban someone if they came on and posted a lie. I realize you like to lie, but that is not what the forum is about.

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  • Hh
    HHGL Jan 02, 2012 SCAM SCAM FAKE Psychic Review Forum SCAM RIP-OFF ALERT SCAM SCAM FAKE Psychic Review Forum SCAM. RIP-OFF ALERT


    New psychic scam called the Spells and Spirits Review Forum This is a forum claiming to expose scammers but in fact promotes psychics, has FAKE members, deletes threads and will ban you if you post a claim contrary to one of their "approved psychics." Most of these are sellers of "spirit objects" and psychic readings on eBay.

    The tagline of the website is "Seeking for true and genuine online practitioners." Very telling.
    Let me start by saying if you are claiming that some psychics are "real" while others are "fake" then you are already part of the scam.

    The basic problem with this ridiculous site is that it seems to make the absurd assumption that there are real psychics. That assumption tells you one thing, the site is a complete and utter fraud.

    Of course they state that they try to find the frauds but, of course, what they are really doing is a sneaky way to promote their own list of recommended frauds.

    A quick review of the forum will show you that most of the posts are made by the same group of 10-20 individuals. Most are likely the same person. They could be a small group of "psychics" who banded together to promote their own circle of SCAM.

    The admin of has found a pretty unique way to get attention to her/his scam artists.

    WARNING: This scam is quite simply, they create a forum and then a bunch of fictional characters to manipulate potential victims into trusting a specific website.

    People who are deluded by psychics will no doubt fall for this new trick, but people who have a lick of brains don't need a web site to seek out the frauds, they know for a fact that psychics are ALL 100% frauds so they don't need anyone to help them find the bad ones, they are all bad.

    ATTENTION: promote their own list of recommended frauds like the anon registered domains: (Yaya Maria is on ebay too) (on ebay: hansel_and_gretal)

    and some other which are all a BIG SCAM too.

    Don't fall into the same trap I did. They use the forum to lure victims to their website

    Many people lost a lot of money because of the fake psychic review forum scam.

    Try it: Register to this fake forum and make one thread as a test. Write: "I bought a spirit item from but there was no spirit inside."

    YOUR MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED and in less than 30 minutes you are banned from the forum!!!

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  • Ma
    Maggie Fr. Dec 31, 2011

    No, the rebuttal thread is open for all. Another lie here. There is no blackmailing, at all. Hope is not from Penn., so guess again. Hey "Got You", if you guys had done right people wouldn't be sharing their negative experiences with you.

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