CB Online Scams they didn't help m, when I needed it urgently review: they didn't help m, when I needed it urgently 2

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I started to use the website, because it was mentioned that they have provided the professional support, but unfortunately it was scam. When I needed their professional advice and help, these people ignored my emails, but the online agents were offline. The company turned to be not very professional and I was shocked that they posted fake information about themselves on the website. Don’t trust them for 100%.

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, US
Jun 09, 2017 5:56 am EDT

This guys are scammers, ok if you support them send us a link to what they did for you and give us the address of the company. They dont even understand English so well.

lewis m
, US
Mar 09, 2016 10:19 am EST

Don't blame the company without any basic criteria. I and my friends have done two to three project with them. I think, they have professional touch. While you contact through mail, they may be delay. But, in online chat, they give instant response. This is a personal experience for me with I don't agree with you, they will be stay in online all weekdays except weekends.

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