Woolworths Australiacustomer service

Is Oct 01, 2019

This Woolworth had run out of the free garden seeds so after completing my purchase I went to the front desk to ask if the lady Erving me could note on my docket that I did not receive my free seeds. Before I could add that I usually shopped at Hervey Bay and would like to try there, she snapped my head off, saying they were not honouring it because they ordered 11 boxes and hadn't received them and didn't know if they would.
As much as I really wanted the seeds and had stocked up on bathroom products to spend that bit extra to get some, it was more I was absolutely taken aback by her rude manner and could believe I was getting spoken to they way she spoke to me. I didn't get her name because I was so shocked but she was a big lady on the front desk at at 4.57pm today. Look forward to your response. Vanessa Smoothy [protected]

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