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My husband is here for a few weeks working construction in triple digit heat index. He went to this hotels website and there is a photo of a pool. He asked the desk person where it is and he said "5000 miles that way" as he pointed out the door. He said this hotel has nothing to do with what's on there. We are seriously disappointed as the heat is rough in this area and there are other hotels he could've chosen. Your website for this hotel is very misleading and it's justbwrong to advertise something that's not true.

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  •   Jun 21, 2019

    It's your husband's fault for not doing more research on where he was staying. No one is forcing him to work in construction either. I am sure a door greeter job at Sam's Club might be better suited for his temperature requirements. If he is unhappy working where he is, he has the option to resign his employment. This isn't a forced labor camp. Also, 5, 000 miles from the hotel would almost certainly not be accurate. Stop using hyperbole to prove a point when you have no factual semblance of it anywhere else in your argument. It's lazy. Like your heat sensitive husband.

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