Woodsprings Suitesrefunding

B Oct 06, 2019

The hotel that I paid for in advance from October 2nd through October 11th caught fire on October 4th on the second floor. The entire hotel was evacuated for hours upon hours. I have children and this was late at night. I ended up paying for another hotel room and staying there. I booked through and they have been working with me for two days now trying to get the hotel to approve a refund. This morning the manager (Tameka) was contacted through, who were trying to get my refund approved by the manager. The manager told that the hotel never caught on fire and that I never checked in. I clearly have proof of everything but because this manager is going above and beyond to lie so the hotel doesn't have to compensate me my money back. This is the most insane and UNPROFESSIONAL place I've ever dealt with.
This is in Shreveport, LA
The police report number is: S1934209
The fire department report number is: P19156426

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