Woodsprings Suitesaccused of smoking and kicked out!

A Jan 06, 2020 Review updated:

My husband, myself, and our 4 year old daughter had stayed 2 weeks, and were planning on staying a couple of months, when I came home from work to my upset husband who said that the front desk lady came to ask what time we were paying (I had already worked out to come after work, so not sure why that was necessary anyway). She then barged into the room, pushing my husband aside and started saying she smelled smoke! She couldn't find any evidence and actually started picking up stuff off of our table and found the little ashtray I take out to my van and use (since the van has no ashtrays in it). She was like aha! When I confronted her about her wrongly accusing him of smoking, (my husband doesn't even smoke!! I do, but was at work at the time), she got her little buddy kay who also works the front desk and told us if we wanted to stay we had to pay $250 for smoking... Say what?? You can't charge me for smoking in my personal vehicle!!! Anyway, I was not about to pay that so we were forced to pack up all of our stuff (which was a ton since we just moved and was staying in a hotel until we could find a suitable rental), and move to another hotel. This was a huge inconvenience and further traumatized my daughter who has just been through he*, so I need to know who to complain to since this is an individually owned establishment and kay keeps blocking my attempts to let management or the owner know.

  • WoodSprings Suites Customer Care's Response · Jan 06, 2020

    I appreciate you taking the time to write a review of your experience with us. It concerns me to hear that you were not happy with our staff. I am sorry for your experience. I have however attached photo's of the cigarettes and ashes from your room. As well as the acknowledgement on the registration card concerning the 100% smoke free policy and the $250 fee. The staff and I appreciate your comments, as it will only help us to improve. It would be our pleasure to have you stay with us again in the future to show you our positive strides taken to enhance your experience with us.

    accused of smoking and kicked out!


  •   Jan 06, 2020

    PA pow!!


    Ha ha your cancer stick addiction really IS killing you!!!

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  •   Jan 06, 2020

    What's that blue thing you left on the burner? A makeshift crackpipe!

    It's not just cigarettes they are referring to, it's all smokable substances. Even incense.

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