WoodSprings Suite Seattle Redmondtheft of product and malicious lies that ended employment

O Sep 24, 2019 Review updated:

I had an incident happen to me by an employee that works at the WoodSpring Suites in Seattle Redmond. The employee is named Skylar and he ordered Uber Eats in which he requested delivery of his food at work. Uber Eats has a curbside only policy in which all customers know that the drivers will not go outside of their car to deliver their food. I am a food courier for Uber Eats and I saw that Skylar B. had written in the instructions of the delivery ticket that I should come indoors to deliver his food and he will meet me. He disregarded the Uber Eats policy and I called him to let him know that I was out front with his order and will remain inside my car because its curbside only. He became demanding and angry that I should follow the instructions that he inputted and is fed up with the drivers not following through with his instructions. I indicated to Skylar that we have a curbside only policy which prohibits us to get out of the car and secondly, I have my kid with me. He wasn't happy with the response but said he would be out to get it. As he came out, Skylar used profanity and was very rude. He said, "Next time, leave your [censored]ng kid at home and he reached into my car grabbing his order and someone elses order and rushed inside. Immediately I called Uber Escalation team on how to walk me through this process because Skylar took someone elses order too and I was supposed to deliver their food. The Uber Escalation team walked me through the complaints process and I was told not to worry. Few hours later, I found out that my employment status with Uber was temporary blocked and that someone in corporate will notify me of the reasons. It was several days later that I released until no response from Uber about my temporary block status. I had to physically go into the Uber Hub offices in Seattle and found out that Skylar made up vicious lies based upon malicious fabrication stating he was assaulted by me and changed the whole narrative to favor him to receive a refund and free food for the inconvenience. I am reaching out to corporate or any entity that is affiliated with the Wood Springs Suite in Seattle Redmond. On today, I went to the location and requested the corporate telephone number to report this and the general manager by the name of Sarah Gaston and Assistant Manager David refused to give me the corporate number instead Sarah called Skylar and told me that its between me and him. That it doesn't have anything to do with Woodsprings but he was on company time using our services to commit theft of removing someone elses dinner and maliciously lying about the entire encounter to get me fired and to receive free food and a refund.
This event occurred on September 21st between 8:15pm-8:45pm. The second encounter that occurred with Sarah Gaston and the Assistant Manager, David refused to give me any number to report this to their corporate manager. I would appreciate your help and I am looking at possible punitive damages against your employee for fabricating a lie that ended my wage earnings.


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      Sep 26, 2019
    Woodsprings Suites - Asael Lopez
    United States

    General manager very unprofessional, doesnt have respect for anyone. Its alot going on in the woodsprings in avon ohio, matters that requires serious attention.

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      Oct 12, 2019
    Woodsprings Suites - weekly rental
    Hwy 49
    United States

    I booked a room for almost a month. I was going to re- pay for a week and they told me I couldn't, due to cruising the coast. They had already booked it with out notice. Now gonna be homeless come Sunday.

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  •   Oct 18, 2019

    pretty sure your idiotic request does not override their BY LAW requirement.

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      Oct 19, 2019
    Woodsprings Suites - harassed/disturb doing my stay
    3025 Granview drive
    United States

    The 3rd shift worker came to the room (310) that I was shown by 2nd shift worker I assume well to make along story short Trevor said that h=the smoke alarm went off and but why it didn't gooff in the room or trigger the whole 3rd floor and I was asked to leave the premises

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      Jan 12, 2020
    Woodsprings Suites - Roaches! Roaches and more roaches
    4125 Clarcona Ocoee rd
    United States

    Roaches may be expected in a suite hotel with a kitchenette. But if you don't mind sharing your stay with roaches then by all means, Enjoy! They have sprayed but it hasn't helped. The hotel is infested and spraying room sends roaches to another room and ten back again! Roaches are huge egg carrying roaches.

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