Woodforest National Bankthe site manager

K Jul 31, 2019

I have been dealing with Woodforest since 2011 the tellers at this location are very polite and always provide awesome service to my wife and I . However the site manager Juanita don't know the last name has the most nastiest unprofessional display of a manager that I have ever seen and I don't understand how could she be considered to hold a position as a manager. My wife and I noticed what she did today to avoid waiting on us she went in the back until another teller came to help us. I was actually happy not to receive her help she is a terrible manager and I don't see how she has been there as long as she has . I purchase cashiers checks from Woodforest every month to pay my mortgage. To have her as the manager representing your company is an extremely poor example and if I had the authority I would terminate her immediately. I dealt with her once and it seems to me she lays back to avoid providing the service in which she is there to do if there is anyone in authority that this can be presented to they need to know about her lazy sorry ass sorry for putting it that way that's how I see her if you need to contact me you may [protected] my name is Kenneth Brooks

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