Wingstop Restaurantsroach crawling on counter

De Sep 29, 2019

I was in this store on 09/28/19 at 11:45 pm to pick up a bag was place on the counter by Ashanti the cashier .That's when a Roach crawl pass my bag on the counter. I was like really a Roach..but what upset me was the remark that come out Ashanti mouth as I walk away she went back to her coworkers And "stated that HOE was scared when she saw the Roach.very unprofessional calling a customer a HOE.I choose to walk away and keep it professional because I was in my work clothes.And this wasn't the first time Ashanti did something I was shock about before that. She try to keep my change and act like I didn't give her a $20.00.Wingstop need to teach there workers how to act in a work place and stop acting unprofessional.Hire people with class...that value there Job.

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