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Today I purchase Wingstop on 116th Marshfield Plaza Chicago, Illinois. The wings were oddly tiny and rotten. The chicken had rot and it didnt taste good. The food has completely changed since the first opening. The wings were nasty and the fries were all cold. No seasoning is ever put on the fries anymore. I'd rather go where wings are normal size. Later that night I go to the Wingstop in Whiting, Indiana and the restaurant was closed by 11pm. The restaurant isnt suppose to close until 12am. The have been closing a hour early. The employees turn off the lights st 11pm and take the phone off the hook. I walk to the door at 11pm and the employees ran to the back to hid. I done purchasing UNACCEPTABLE food and the bad service is ridiculous. The restaurants that wont last is when the food and service declined. Wingstop wont last another year if you dont go back to real wings. The Wingstop on Highland in Indiana had a superb black manager and now it has gone to hell. Since the employees have change at 116th Marshfield it sucks. No customer will continue to buy sick miniature rotten wings.

Wingstop Restaurants

Oct 06, 2019

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