Wingstop Restaurantscustomer service I think name is sima? not sure could not understand his name when asked.

J Jul 07, 2019

We placed our order waiting with two young kids, we had people come in before and after us finish their meals seen them come out and we were still told to wait 5 to 10 minutes which we didnt even get our order at that time. While waiting my youngest daughter had a potty accident because we waited so long 45 minutes!!! Wing stop being my favorite place to eat I will not be going back there again!!! What a terrible experience! I have never waited so long for a fast food! 45 minutes is waaay to long for a 30 piece meal!

  • Updated by Jose and Jenny · Jul 07, 2019

    Forgot to mention that once we got home which is only about a 10 minute drive our food was cold!! 😡

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