Wheels #21 CITCOreceipt availability at the pumps

T Jan 17, 2020

Referring to Citco Gas station at 309 Main Ave, Norwalk CT operated by Wheels store #21. I have a very annoying issue with this Gas Station . The pumps rarely has receipt paper in the pumps so when using credit card payment outside at the pump, you have to go into the store for a receipt. This happens mostly on weekends but now is happening during the week. Whats the point of pay outside convenience if you have to go into the store to just get a receipt. Most of the time the pump will say "see cashier" . When I complain inside they usually say they can't tell they are out of paper or we are under staffed thus can't get to it. Some say they are alone and can't leave the store. The new one I heard today is there is a software problem and we can't print receipts outside. Give me a break, I suspect that there is some validity to some of these excuses but I am sure that many of the times its just very poor customer service. I cannot speak for other stores as this is the one I use 2 times a week. I have to stand in line and even have to wait for lottery customers that sometimes are there for a long time just so I can get a receipt . Please give more consideration to your customers. This is the most convenient station for me so please give me a better reason to come to this station . I never see a problem like this at 711. I don't care for the 711 station due to it having only a few pumps. I am getting to the point that having my receipt available at the pump is more important that being in line at 711 pumps. Especially when the poor weather is on us and I don't want to deal with going into the store at Citco when I don't need anything other than gas..

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