WestJet Airlines / trip problems

Pa Apr 21, 2019

Hi westjet
First of all my name is michael homann, my wife and myself booked a trip for april 1st to april 13th, now the problem is.
We were suppose to leave april 1st 2019 from thunder bay on flight #ws3218 at 6:15 a.M. We checked into the airport at 4 a.M.. The flight was delayed one hour due to westjets computer system being down globally.
When we were finally able to board they wouldnt let us on the plane to toronto as we would have missed our connecting flight. The next plane wasnt until saturday april 6th, we would of lost a week of our trip by then. They expected us to do this. We were at the airport until 1p.M. Trying to rectify this problem. They then offered us to fly to cayco coco on wednesday april 3rd. We did accept this but we had to pay out of our pocket the fare was $350.00 us.
We live 31/2 hours away from thunder bay so we also had to pay 2 extra nights in a hotel which cost us $153.00 per night.
Whenremoving our suitcases from the plane it was very damaged whole front was ripped. I needed a new suitcase whiched westjet rep did replace, my stress level was o high I ended up with a massave headache.
We had asked to switch to a resort in cayo coco or go on our trip at another time next year. So our only option was to fly on wednesday to cayococo and take the 71/2 hour taxi to our resort feista americana at our cost of $350.00us. They also expected us to go through our insurance.
As for the customer service in thunder bay all we can say is they were very awesome in trying to help us. As for the westjet people we talked to on the phone they where not co-operative and very rude to us, I believe her name was althea. Once we got to cayo coco the westjet rep. There wouldnt even help us. He pushed us out of the wayand told us he had other passengers to help. We just about got stuck there as a taxi driver didnt want to go the 7 1/2 hour ride.
Even after we were guaranteed there would be a cab available for us. I believe his name was ivan
We also prepaid our seat selection total cost was $208.00 which we didn't get on the new flight, we didn't feel comfortable taking a taxi across the country in the first place, we felt very unsafe.
This was westjets problem and we feel we show be compensated.
In ending this if we do not get a response from you we will have no choice but to go to social media with this

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