Westinghouse Electronics/42 inch LCD HDTVno response-fraud!

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I purchased a 42in. LCD HDTV in March, 2008 from ecost.com. This was supposed to be a open-box tv. I received a refurbished tv. This tv did not work after I paid 869.06 including shipping charges. I had to pay another 75.00 to have the tv returned to Westinghouse. When I received the next tv in June, 2008 this one did not work either. Westinghouse paid to have the tv shipped back but I had to pay 12.00 to have the 80 pound tv picked up at my house. Westinghouse received the tv on July 11, 2008 and everytime I have called or emailed since then, there has been no updated info on the tv. They have forwarded this to their "corporate office" 2 times now and no one has contacted me. Today is [protected]. I have asked for my money back because I no longer wish to deal with this company since they are not dealing with me and I have been told that is not their policy. I contacted BBB and they did not respond to BBB. I was told by BBB that since they are not accredited through BBB, they do not have to respond and it will just be a negative mark against them. Now what do I do? How do I get my money back from Westinghouse? If you are looking to buy a Westinghouse tv, PLEASE DON"T!!!


  • Lu
    Lucas Leslie Sep 13, 2008
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    Welcome to the fight! My complaint started 9/20/2007! The BBB tried to help and I recently contacted the dept of consumer affairs in California. I bet there is enough dissatisfied consumers against Westinghouse to file a class action lawsuit. Westinghouse used to be a solid company. Now all the sell is solid excuses.


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  • Al
    Alton Oct 05, 2008

    10/05/2008. I bought a big screen flat screen tv few months ago in in Arlington Virgina. Out of blue, the screen went black and never came back. I have a warranty. I have to ship it to have it "fixed" or "get another one. Considering I am disabled, I have to hire people to do that for me, pay the shipping charges and wait for many months. However, the most important thing is I called Westinghouse, sent e-mails, I tried everything and they refused to answer.


    cc: Virginia Attorney General Consumer Affairs.

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  • Ti
    Timothy Berry Nov 05, 2008
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    I have also been going through the run around...however i am not just gonna take it. Considering class action...if anyone is interested please email me @ [protected]@gmail.com

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  • Ri
    Richard Iacovetta Nov 13, 2008
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    We purchased LTV32W3TV in 9/20/07 and began having problems with various colored screen distortions and sound. I was told by Westinghouse Customer Service that it was a integrate computer problem.I was to send to them.I shipped it to Westinghouse Digital Electronics in Santa Fe Springs, Ca. 90670 on September 26, 2008 at a cost of $89.85.. They received my TV on October 2, 2008. I was led to believe they would replace it with same model or new model. However, I learned later it would be a refurbished TV.

    I have contacted Westinghouse Customer Service some 11 times, always asking them where is my TV. They always
    told me the status is unknown, even though their records show they received the TV. I have spoken three times with their supervisor (Vivian), who continues to tell the same story. Status unknown.

    My investigations reveal: BBB Santa Fe Springs, Ca shows 250 various complaints with Westinghouse. Also numerous complaints on TV's with Amazon.com and Crutchfield. Still not resolved as of 11/12/08

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  • Ro
    ronald porter Apr 08, 2009

    On 02/22/09 I called with a problem with my 32 in television that was under warranty. That television was shipped back to the service place along with a RMA number and I paid the shipping, which I did not mind. However the 32 inch television that I sent was a high def television with a HDMI port. After waiting the 5-7 days I called in to check on the status of my television and was told it was not finished I called again in 5 days and was finally told that the television was almost ready to be shipped back to me. I again called in 3 days and was told that the television was shipped and that I should have it in a few days. I received the television with a problem. The 32 inch television that I received was not high def compatible and had no HDMI port.
    I called the so called customer service on 03/25/09 and I was given the run around. I had to make repeated calls to the service center. I spoke with a manager Chris Bartholomew. I was promised a RMA number which I did receive. I was then promised that I would get shipping labels emailed to me over night.
    I called back on 03/26/09 at 4:30 p.m. and spent another hour on the phone going thru Sara and was told that there was no supervisor or manager that I could speak with. I was told to call back later. I called back on 03/26 at 7:30p.m. And spoke with AJ. AJ was quite rude in our conversation. I was again promised the shipping labels. This call again took me 30-40 minutes. I was again promised the shipping labels. I was also told to talk with a supervisor and that managers /supervisors are only in from 10a.m to 5:30p.m. I was told that they see the problem that I sent them a 42inch television and they sent me the wrong television. After again speaking with Chris Bartholomew, I was promised a 42 inch Television that was high def compatible with 4 HDMI cable connections. Since I was having a problem with the service. This is what was promised to me. I was again promised that the shipping label were being sent by FEDEX ground since they were not able to sent the prepaid shipping labels to me via e-mail. I waited for 5 days.
    I called back on 03/31/09 at 5p.m. I spoke with John and he was very rude. He refused to get me a supervisor. I was told he was on a conference call. I told him that I would hold for a manager/ supervisor. Amazingly I was given a manager Brandon Bower. HE was also very rude. I was told that they had shipped the shipping labels and that was all he was going to do. This call was 30 minutes long.
    I called again on 04/01 and was told that if I gave Chris Bartholomew 24 hours he promised to check on the shipping labels and track them from FedEx. I called again and spoke with Chris Bartholomew and asked for the corporate address. After numerous time of asking I was finally given the address. During every call I asked for a phone number to the corporate office so I could voice my concerns directly with corporate. During every call I was told to look it up online.
    I again had to call on 04/06/09 at 6:20 I spoke with John. I was told that there was no manager on the schedule that I could speak with. I again asked for a phone number / email address or someway of contacting someone who could make a decision to help with this problem. I offered to ship this television back to the repair center at my expense and was told that was not the company policy. I offer to ship this television back to the repair center with a pick ticket from FEDEX to pick up the 42 inch television. I was told this was not possible as there was no policy for this.
    I called on 04/07/09 and spoke with Rory who got me to Chris Bartholomew. I was again told that the FEDEX shipping labels were shipped but when I questioned him further I found that the shipping labels were never shipped at all. I asked for the tracking number and Chris got me the tracking number of [protected]. When I look this number up on FEDEX it did not exist. I was told by Chris to call back at 8:30 that he would contact Westinghouse and get this shipping problem taken care of by getting the shipping label emailed to him and that he would FEDEX it to me. After all these calls, you can imagine my frustration. My husband is disabled and watching television is about the only thing he gets to do and he has been 2 months without a television in which he is able to see. I called Chris back at 8:30. I was told that corporate was not contacting him back. After speaking with Chris I was even more upset I was told that they would be shipping labels again and it would take another 5-7 days. I was also told weeks ago that a 42inch television was sitting at the return center waiting for the television that was sent to me (that was wrong). And today I was told that there in fact was not a 42 inch television that was high def ready with a HDMI port. I have made many solutions to this problem that would be at my expense. All I kept getting told was we have no policy to do that, we can’t do that. I have finally taken thing into my own hands as I feel there is no customer service from Westinghouse. I am now paying to ship the wrong 32 inch television back to Westinghouse. I will have the box marked with the RMA number that was issued. I am also sending it Attn Chris Bartholomew. This will be shipped out on 04/08/09. I do hope that someone will take the time to check and see that this problem is followed thru and taken care of.
    I do not feel that I am being unreasonable in asking that this not take 3-5 weeks as I have been told that it will. As when the 32 inch television (that I have not even plugged in as it is not compatible with my Direct TV high def box.) must be recheck to find out if it has a problem (which is should not have a problem as I have not even turned the unit on)and it may take 5 days before it even enters into the system to be checked. When my husband heard that this process was going to take 3-5 weeks he got very upset.
    WE HAVE HEARD EVERYTHING THAT THEY CAN NOT DO AND NOT MUCH OF WHAT THEY CAN DO. I WAS TOLD THAT THE PRE-PAID SHIPPING LABELS WERE COMING FROM CORPORATE, THEN FEDEX, THEN BY USPS, THEN AGAIN FED X, THEN AGAIN BY CORPORATE AND BY E-MAIL. I was also told that we could not count Saturday and Sunday in the any time frame from FEDEX as they do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday, but that is a run around as the FEDEX shipping trucks are still shipping and running on weekend.
    We suggested that these shipping labels could have been sent overnight. We were told this is not a policy. WE suggested that the 42 inch TV be sent by FEDX with a pick ticket for the 32 inch TV. And was told this is not our policy. WE have been very patient till now and the" I’m sorry" are just not cutting it anymore. I have heard enough of the apologies

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  • Ni
    Nichole M. McIntosh May 18, 2009

    You know, I don't know where to begin in all of this. This last complaint I just read very closely mirrors what I have been through since March of this year. I think we should ban together and do something. Now I am calling them and there is no one to answer the phone. I just want my tv. What do we do?

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  • Ms
    MSPaul Jul 29, 2009


    Westinghouse is making me sweat!

    I just want the functional tv that I paid for...

    I will never buy a Westinghouse product again.

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