D Nov 02, 2019

My adult son and I stopped to get something to eat at the Wendy's in Oneida, N.Y on 11/2/2019 at about 2:45 pm. He ordered a burger & fries to go. I ordered a frosty after his order, I got my frosty and after standing there for 20 mins my son sees the 2 orders ahead of him are also STILL waiting for their food as well. This store IS a joke ! We have stopped numerous times and there is always a problem, everything from getting burnt black bacon on a burger to totally ignoring what was ordered and bagging an order we won't eat to the crap service we have encountered in the past as well as today's marathon wait for my son's order. My son finally gave up when he heard an employee say It was going to be 10 MORE minutes before fries would be ready😱 He voiced to manager about the ridiculous wait time for such a short order and ask for a refund. She gave him his money. We left angry and still hungry
I hope corporate will straighten this Oneida store out. This place is nothing Dave would be proud of, The manager should be ashamed!🤬😠😠🤬

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